Where to Meet Men in Real Life Without Online Dating

Where to meet men

If you’re sick of being surrounded by apps, consider these suggestions on how and where to meet men.

You might want to examine alternatives to online dating apps if swiping through manicured photographs, filtered selfies, and well-crafted profiles becomes more of a chore than a joy. “As much as I love technology, there’s nothing like meeting someone in person.” “Chemistry can reveal stories beyond a dating profile,” says Destin Pfaff, a relationship expert, and matchmaker who created Love and Matchmaking with his wife Rachel Federoff. But, in an age when dating apps reign supreme, how does one find their partner the old-fashioned way? We sought the experts for advice on how to meet someone out of this world in the real world—and where to meet them.

Where to meet men in real life get to know all about it

Make a date with yourself

We understand that instead of whistling your favorite song into your Sauvignon Blanc, you prefer to sing Sweet Caroline with your friends. But what about that handsome young man who caught your attention? He’s not going to risk being turned down in front of five of your best friends. “In therapy, we focus on establishing confidence and self-esteem so you can go out alone or with one friend,” explains Kelley Kitley, a psychotherapist, TEDx speaker, and author. “People are more approachable when they’re at a social occasion without a bunch of people,” she explains.

Consider sitting alone at a bar during happy hour with a good book. That page-turner could be a great way to start a conversation.

Volunteering is beneficial. It is preferable to work at the sign-in where you can meet men

It’s understandable that volunteering for a good cause is a terrific method to meet new people: “You meet like-minded people who have time to give back to the community and support their passions,” says Tammy Shaklee, relationship specialist and creator of H4M Matchmaking, a national offline matchmaking firm.

But what if THE ONE is stuck behind the wheel of the van while you’re pounding nails outside? It’s possible that your paths will never intersect, which would be a shame. “Sit at the registration table,” Shaklee suggests as the ideal solution. Every participant who checks in will be introduced to you!”

In the grocery store line, say hello

The toughest part is having to wait. Who enjoys standing about doing nothing except counting the freckles on the person’s neck in front of them? But consider this: you have nowhere else to go, so why strike up a conversation? “It’s a good way to kill time, and you never know if it’ll be a match or if they know someone,” says relationship expert and the therapist, who adds that it’s beneficial to practice striking up conversations with strangers even if Mr. There isn’t right in front of you. “You never know if it’s a match or if they know someone,” she explains.

Participate in church activities (or temple)

There’s a strong probability of meeting someone wherever a group gathers, and places of religion are no exception. “Churches are rethinking how they stay engaged in order to recruit community members,” Shaklee says. “Sign up to receive invitations to events like leadership conferences, current music performances, or evenings presented by a distinguished speaker” from your local religious organization, she says. According to Shaklee, some churches have everything from coffee shops to sporting facilities so that even non-members can enjoy the fellowship.

On a group excursion, take a solo journey

“Travel has the ability to bring out the best in people.” “Your mind is developing, you’re seeing new sites and cultures, and it may be a great place to meet someone without online dating.” Many travel agencies offer solitary passengers group tours created exclusively for them. Exodus Travels reports that 66 percent of their consumers sign up for tours on their own. Contiki, an environmentally minded organization that caters to younger tourists, is another choice (think 18-35). There’s a tour for everyone, whether you want to cycle through Vietnam or eat your way through Paris. Even if you don’t meet your soul match on the Inca Trail, you will develop as a person, which is always appealing.

Flying is a first-rate meeting location

If you’re planning a trip, keep in mind that it’s not only about the place, it is also about how to meet men in real life without the use of online dating.

It’s also about the journey. “I always urge clients to look their best while traveling since people are bored and watching,” Morris says, adding that not only do fellow travelers frequently have things in common, but they also have the chance to interact (talk about a good spin on a delayed trip!). “Are you flying home?” is a straightforward inquiry. “What book are you reading?” or “How long have you been reading?” can lead to much larger discussions. “I know a lot of folks who met their spouse in airports,” Morris advises. It is a good and adventurous place where to meet men.

Discover something new

“Doing something different might make you open up,” Morris explains, “and open, vulnerable people attract people.” If you’re unsure where to begin or what to do, experiment. co-organizes a variety of fun classes by area. Meetup.com, on the other hand, is a website where people can join (or form) groups for hobbies such as hiking, golfing, and even coding. “Taking an intriguing class will almost certainly attract fascinating people who you could like!” Pfaff opined. So, whether it’s beer brewing, wine pairing, painting, or sausage making, find something that interests you and dive in.

Keep track of group calendars

You may be tired of online dating, but don’t dismiss the internet entirely as a tool. “Sites like feverup.com or eventbrite.com can provide you a lot of information on exciting things to do in your community,” Pfaff explains. He also suggests looking at your Facebook Events, which shows you what’s going on in your area. Pfaff loves that you can look at profiles of people who are “interested,” so you can get a sense of who might be there before you go.

Where to meet men? Take a dog for a walk

Please accept my apologies if this seems cliched! (Due to the fact that it is real!) Morris says, “Dogs are terrific conversation starters…and distractors.” For example, are you stumped as to what to say after saying hello? “How about “What’s the name of your dog?”?” Morris says that having compassion for a dog makes you look more accessible and kindhearted to others, and that this is more than just an icebreaker. “If you’re a true animal lover, your relationship with your pet can reveal a vulnerable part of you that others can see.” And it will be very helpful in how to meet good men.

Last but not least, we’ve saved the easiest and greatest for last: smile

In real life, there is no such thing as a happy filter. So you’ll have to exercise your cheek muscles on your own. We’re not saying you have to be cheerful all of the time. That’s a bad idea. “You can ‘accidentally’ meet someone nearly anyplace in your day to day,” adds Pfaff, from the bank to the bike route. He advises, “Be open to the cosmos delivering to you in the most unexpected locations.” “Put your best self forward,” he advises when this happens. So try this insane concept the next time you see someone who catches your interest: “Make eye contact and grin!” Swiping right may not be as enjoyable as what follows.

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