When you want to keep it casual, try these 10 low-key first date ideas

First Date ideas

It can become tedious to return to the same place on a first date. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of some of our favourite low-key first date ideas. Whether you like something outdoors or something a little more intimate, we have the right suggestion for you. So get inspired by some of our favourite low-key first date ideas.

Our Top Picks for Low-Key First Dates

Take a stroll

Outdoor dates are always a success, and one of our faves is going on a walk with your crush. It’s soothing, and if you take the correct path, it may even be beautiful. If it’s freezing outside, don’t panic; instead, carry a flask of coffee or hot chocolate to keep warm.

Do you want to try something new? Instead, go for a hike with your friends. Hiking up a mountain can be really satisfying.

Take a virtual tour of the city

Throughout the pandemic, virtual dates were the norm, and they remain popular as we return to normalcy. Zoosk Great Dates, for example, allows you and your date to take a virtual tour of some of the world’s most famous cities. How do you like the idea of a romantic wine tasting in Naples? Or how about a tour of Athens’ historical monuments?

As you walk, talk with your date and share travel stories about locations you’ve seen and places you’d like to visit next. It’s a terrific approach to break the ice and get to know each other!

Have a drink (or two)

For a reason, going out for a drink together is a classic first date. It’s a terrific method to test the waters because it’s small and casual. Choose a pub that sells interesting beverages to spice things up, or keep it easy by taking your date to your neighborhood bar.

If everything goes well, you may be able to remain out all night conversing. And if you don’t get along, you can end it without having to sit through an entire day of awkward silences.

Take a bike ride

Cycling together is always a winner when it comes to low-key first date ideas. A bike ride may not entail much chatting, but it is still a terrific way to bond with your friends. If you’re nervous about first dates, the absence of speech may be a significant benefit.

Make pit stops along the way to take in the landscape or take photos of each other in the middle of nowhere. What’s even better? Framing one of these images as a romance gift could be a nice idea in the future.

Consider volunteering

Kindness is a desirable attribute in a mate that most people value. So, why not start your relationship off right by being kind to one another and volunteering together?

Talk to your crush about the reasons that are important to them. Perhaps you’ll discover that you have some in common. Then get in touch with a charity that supports your cause. They’ll probably be overjoyed to get some extra aid. You may go to an animal shelter together, volunteer at a soup kitchen, or participate in a beach clean-up.

Go to a concert

All music fans are invited! Why not go to a concert together if you’re looking for a low-key first date idea with no awkward silences? Inquire about your crush’s favourite musicians; you could share some. Then get tickets to their next show and voilà, you’ve secured your first date.

Don’t worry if you like this concept yet are now socially isolated. To make a concert pandemic-proof, simply view a live recording of it online.

Participate in a class together

Learning a new skill encourages you to live in the moment, which might help you forget about your anxiety. As a result, one of our favourite low-key cute date ideas is taking a class together.

Why not take a cooking class if you’re a seasoned cook? Attend an art workshop with your crush to show off your creative side. There are also a plethora of classes to choose from, so you’ll never be bored!

Take in the sunset

This could be the one for you if you’re seeking for romantic cute date ideas on a budget. Bring a picnic and head to a scenic location to watch the sunset or sunrise.

Keep warm by snuggling up with a blanket and taking in the scenery. Start a meaningful chat or two if you feel like it. It’ll look great against this backdrop.

Visit a nearby town

Even if you’ve lived in your town or city for a long time, it doesn’t imply you’ve seen everything there is to see! Find out what tourist attractions are in the area and take your date to see them.

There are numerous hidden jewels to discover, ranging from museums to art galleries and parks.

Shop at a secondhand store

Do you have a thing for vintage clothing or antiques? Then go shopping at a thrift store.

With your date, go to your local shopping district and go through various secondhand stores. You may even liven things up by buying each other gifts. It’s also an excellent date if you’re on a budget, because thrift stores are reasonably priced.

Take in a comedy show

Do you know how they say the best medicine is laughter? When you’re on a first date, it might also be your best friend. As a result, one of our favourite low-key first date ideas is to see a comedy performance.

Keep it easy and go to your local open mic, or purchase tickets to see your favourite comic if they’re coming to town! A night of hilarity is certain in either case.

It’s true that first dates can be intimidating, but they don’t have to be. The key is to keep it simple and do something that you enjoy. You’ll be able to concentrate on each other.

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