What to Say on Tinder to a Girl: 6 Examples and Tips

tinder first message tips

If you’re growing disappointed with your Tinder matches, think about what you’re communicating to the ladies you’ve matched with. You’re probably sending things like “Hey there!” that may sound absolutely acceptable on the surface, but aren’t going to cut it with women who receive so many messages on the app so you need tinder first message tips to enhance your conversation.

That’s why what you say to a female on Tinder is so important. Here are some online dating and tinder first message tips and examples to help you keep the discussion moving in the direction of a date.

6 Tips to Impress a girl on Tinder

1. Take a brief look at her profile

With her profile, go full-on Sherlock Holmes. Examine her bio, photos, and interests to come up with a simple, yet customised conversation starter that will make her feel special and demonstrate that you care about her as a person. (And it’s not just a coincidental match.)

If she’s a foodie, for example, focus on that and say something like, “So, what was your ideal last meal?” As in, you’re in jail, and this is all. “How about you? What would you eat?”

2. Be lively

Using a GIF to capture her attention and keep things light is a wonderful technique to keep things light. A humorous GIF that either relates to her profile or is just so out there that she has to respond is a terrific approach to connect with her. Women love to laugh, so eliciting a smile from her will undoubtedly help her remember you.

“I might not be able to twerk as well as this dog, but I swear, I’ve got some skills,” for example, post an amusing GIF of a dancing dog.

3. Begin by playing a game

Involving her in a game of some sort is exciting and entertaining, and it will almost certainly elicit a response from her. You could try a few of these. You could play a “Kiss, Marry, or Kill” game with her, or a “Would you rather” game with her. Again, have a look at her profile to get some ideas for questions to ask.

“Would you rather give up pizza or wine for a year?” for example.

4. Involve her in travel

The majority of people post photos from their travels in their profile. “How did you appreciate backpacking through Europe?” is an uninteresting question to ask. If you want to stand out, though, you need start with a challenge. “Congratulations! You’ve got a weekend off coming up. “Where are you going?” It’s a fun way to get started, and it could lead to other themes like travel and vacations.

5. Role-playing is a fun way to pass the time

This isn’t an R-rated film. That’s just another example of a game you might play with your partner. It’s a terrific way for her to get a feel for your sense of humour, and it’s another fun way for her to interact with you.

“All right, you’re on the run from the cops.” “What exactly did you do?” “So, who am I?” you can then follow up with. “Will it be the sassy FBI agent or the jerk who hands you over?”

6. Don’t be hesitant to show off your cheesiness

You don’t always have to be clever. Using your quirky, corny sense of humor to connect with her is not only real, but it may also be an endearing feature. If they’re indicative of what you’d say in real life, cheesy pick-up lines don’t have to be a no-no.

“I’ve had a crush on you for 2 hours,” for example. “I hope you understand that I am fully devoted to our tinder romance.” Finally, when speaking with a woman on Tinder, bear in mind a few crucial points: be genuine, personalise your message, and keep it light. Make a conversation feel more like a game than a job interview by bringing your best goofy honest self to it. Always be yourself and make the conversation personal so she doesn’t feel like a number. Because, after all, that’s who’ll show up for the date, right?

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