What Is Ghosting And What Should I Do If It Occurs?


It hurts no matter what when you’re ghosted or someone is ghosting you. The most difficult phase may be the period of time when you’re perplexed and unsure of what’s going on. And then there’s the realization that you’re being ghosted, which is even more perplexing and painful.

What does it mean to be ghosted, and what should you do if this happens to you? To begin with, understand that it’s now a part of our modern dating lives. And it’s rare to meet someone who hasn’t experienced it.

What does it mean to “ghost” someone?

Ghosting is so frequent that it’s now included in the vocabulary. It’s defined as “the practice of abruptly and without explanation breaking a personal contact with someone by withdrawing from all communication.”

Ghosting can happen at any point in a relationship. But it feels more harsh as the relationship progresses and becomes more close. You met someone on an app, contacted them for a week, made plans to meet up, and then you never heard from them again? That’s what it’s like to get ghosted.

However, ghosting can also take the form of the following scenario:. You’ve been dating for over a month and everything seems to be going well until they fail to respond to your texts and remove you on social media. Some people have vanished from long-term partnerships.

In the end, ghosting is a cowardly move, but it’s understandable while the relationship is still in its early phases. Although the severity of cruelty varies depending on the situation. We can all agree that it is unpleasant to witness in any form.

What are the signs that someone is ghosting you?

The most basic sign that you’re being ghosted is when someone doesn’t answer to your messages for a few days. However, depending on your specific situation, a few days without a response may be common. Asking if you’re being ghosted is the best way to find out.

That’s not to say you should send a text asking, “ARE YOU GHOSTING ME?!?” However, you can inquire about it in a less hurried manner by stating something along the lines of “Hey, I’ve noticed you haven’t been replying to my texts recently.” “Is everything all right?”

If you don’t get a response to that kind of communication, you’re probably dealing with a ghosting issue. So, what exactly does the term “ghosting” imply? Basically, someone suddenly vanishes out of nowhere.

If someone is ghosting you, what should you do?

You have a few options if you’ve already reached out and received no answer. You can write them off as a potential mate and cut your losses. There’s no need to treat someone that way unless they have a good excuse. And it’s a hint you don’t want them as a partner either.

Someone who leaves you hanging for that long is demonstrating that they are untrustworthy. Which is not a good sign for a possible relationship. You can send them this helpful post on how to prevent ghosting folks in the future if you truly want to burn all the bridges. Consider it a public service to the individuals they may one day haunt.

You can send a message letting them off the hook if you’d like to extend an olive branch and allow them the chance to explain themselves as well as make a more elegant exit from your life. “Hey, I saw you haven’t been replying, so I just wanted to let you know that it’s fine if you don’t want to continue , I’d just like to know what’s up on your end.”

Instead of hiding behind a wall of silence, they have the choice to answer honestly.

What’s the best way to get over being ghosted?

Make the phrase “it’s not about you” your mantra. It has nothing to do with you! Someone else’s treatment of you reveals more about them than it does about you. There’s nothing you could have done differently to persuade someone to be more mature about cutting off communication because they’re too lazy to say “I’m not feeling this.”

You aren’t a bad catch just because one person doesn’t want to date you. And you aren’t a relationship failure if one of your relationships ends in ghosting. It’s vital to remember that how others respond with you isn’t a reflection of your intrinsic value as a person. It in no way renders you unlovable or undateable.

It simply signifies that you’ve been unlucky in this situation, but you don’t have to let it bother you. Remind yourself that your worth isn’t determined by how people treat you because of their problems. And now you know what to do if something similar happens again.

So, what exactly does the term “ghosting” imply? It simply means that someone else is having communication problems, and you are the unfortunate recipient. You can also walk away with your head held high, knowing that you still have the option of treating others nicely. Allow yourself to gracefully let go and go on to bigger things.

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