What Does A Man Want In A Woman

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When relationship comes into your mind the first question bothers you a lot, what does a man wants in a woman.

It’s amazing how many men and women make assumptions about one another. And when it comes to dating and relationships, this is off the charts.

This is something that men desire. That is something that women desire. But what if what you think guys seek is nothing more than an urban legend? What if what they really want isn’t the same as what you think they want?

You don’t have to wonder any longer, since we’re busting some of the most frequent male myths. Here’s the difference between things men wants to woman in a relationship and what guys truly want.

5 Points that explain what does a man wants in a woman

1. What women believe men want: women who are slim

Most men aren’t attracted to underweight runway model impersonators. They don’t want you to appear frail or vulnerable, as if one embrace may shatter you.

Of course, each man is unique, and he is drawn to different things. Men, on the other hand, like a lady who appears to be healthy and attractive. If you’re naturally slim, that’s fantastic. And if you’re not, that’s fantastic. Don’t alter your behaviour.

When a lady has a good appetite, it appeals to most guys. It’s not appealing to act as if you’re not hungry, to live only on protein drinks and salads, or to be on a permanent diet.

As women, I’m sure we’re under a lot of pressure to appear a certain way. But believe me when I say that when you accept your natural figure and feel secure and comfortable within yourself, it shows. And that is exactly what it means to be sexy.

2. What women believe men want: someone who resembles their ideal lady

What they truly desire is for you to be yourself.

You can put on a mask and pretend to be someone you’re not to fool someone into like you, but they’ll figure it out eventually. Why would you want to be anyone else, anyway?

The majority of men (and women) don’t know what they want until it’s there in front of them. That means it’s pointless to try to attract someone’s attention by pretending to be someone they want.

Most people will agree that one of the most appealing qualities of a person is when they feel at ease in their own skin. When they aren’t putting on a show or attempting to blend in. When they embrace their eccentricities and aren’t scared to show the world who they are.

What is the story’s moral? You make your own decisions. Everyone else is taken, as cliché as it may sound. Seriously.

3. What women believe men want: someone who is always spotless.

What people really want is someone who is having a good time.

Most men appreciate it when you dress up, do your hair, and put on make-up. They also enjoy it when you’re hanging with them in sweatpants and a scrunchie in your hair.

Many of us are self-conscious about our appearance because we’ve been taught to be. And this can lead to us putting too much emphasis on our appearance rather than simply relaxing and having fun.

Men, on the other hand, don’t care if your eyeliner is flawless, if you’re overdue for a wax, or if you can’t be bothered to dress up all the time. They prefer it if you’re comfortable and having a good time — whatever it is you’re doing.

4. What women believe men want: to spend all of their time with their pals.

What they really want is for both of you to be self-sufficient.

It’s no secret that most men like spending time with their buddies. But, I’m sure you love spending time with your girls as well.

The majority of men do not want to spend all of their time with their pals. They don’t want to hang out with you all the time, but they also don’t want to be alone with you. Because neither of those are good for you.

All they want is to be independent, and you want to be independent as well. And that’s a good thing. That’s beneficial to both of you as well as your relationship.

Allow him to have guy time as long as he spends enough time with you and makes an effort. Without any remorse.

5. What women believe men want: someone to save them.

They really want a strong woman that can look after herself.

What irritates me about ancient fairy tales and Disney films is that there is always a damsel in distress who has to be rescued. And some females learn that this is how they’re supposed to act with men.

While most men appreciate being protective and watching out for you, they also want you to be able to look for yourself. They don’t want to have to worry and stress about you all the time. It’s taxing, and it can lead to a toxic, reliant relationship.

A man does not require you to weaken yourself in order for him to feel like a true man. Any man worth dating wants to perceive you as a partner – a partner on an equal footing.

So whenever this question (Things man wants to woman in a relationship) comes into your mind don’t get confuse, be yourself and keep faith in you. And ask a question to your heart, does he like me?

Definitely you will get the answer. So what are you waiting for just go and ask a question and comment what your heart says.

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