What do men find attractive in women?

what do men find attractive in women

“What do men find attractive in women” this is a very big question every woman faces. It’s just not about the beauty. Men likes woman with smarter brain, great expression, understanding and much more. To help you know what men really want in a woman or how to turn a guy on.

Follow the below given tips for knowing what do men want in a woman and what makes a man want to kiss a woman.

Tips to follow, to learn: what do men find attractive in women

1. Following ambition: Man wants woman who are focused and dedicated in their ambition. Now men are not stereotype for their women. They want their women to be good in their career and match their level of intelligence.

2. Social women: Nowadays men are party freak and very social. Which is why man wants woman to be social with their friends and can easily be adjustable in every environment.

3. Mature and emotionally stable: Man wants woman, who are mature enough to handle any kind of situation and are also emotionally stable.

4. Sense of Humor: This is the best answer for your question of what do men find attractive in women. Every man wants woman to have a great sense of humor to meet his level of understanding.

5. Good looks: Every man wants his woman to be good looking. But this is the last things he looks for. This will make a man kiss you on your forehead. As this is the last way to show all his love.


These are some of the tips that was helpful for you in knowing what do men find attractive in women. So, all the women what are you waiting for. Get ready to follow these tips and make yourself smarter and intelligent. This will help you in making more attractive for a man. We will end this with phrase-

“Looks will shed with time, but intelligence will grow with time”.

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