8 Tips To Get Warm With Your Love

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You aren’t the first person who has looked for tips on how to have wonderful winter sex. We all feel the want to snuggle more as the leaves begin to fall and the temperature outside begins to decrease. But how can we go from being warm and cozy under a blanket to being passionate and steamy with our partner?

Dropping temperatures don’t have to signify a decline in sex drive, contrary to popular belief. Winter sex may appear to be a chilly prospect, but it needn’t be. We’ve put together a list of the eight top ideas for making the most of the colder months.

8 Tips for a Cozier Winter Sex

1. Wear socks: they’re more seductive than they appear

According to a study conducted by the University of Groningen, 80 percent of couples who wore socks during intercourse were able to achieve orgasm. Only half of those who could climax without socks were able to do so.

Blood flow is improved by having warm and comfortable feet. Stronger blood flow equals better climaxing ability, which is sexy. Wearing attractive socks, or even knee or thigh-high socks, can take this a step further for an extra cute look.

2. Make yourself at home by the fire

When it’s freezing outside, there’s nothing more romantic than curling up next to something warm. So, whether you go camping or just light a fire at home, curling up with your lover by the fire can lead to some very steamy situations!

See what happens if you share a blanket while watching the flames. It’s a terrific time for exploratory play on a more naive level, and it can transport you back to a simpler time. Plus, any reason to bake S’mores is always a good one!

3. Make your bathroom feel like a spa

Winter sex is the ideal season to transform your bathroom into a spa. Light the candles and treat yourself to some high-end bath items. At start, you can keep it PG. Sharing time together, perhaps with a sensuous massage or a warm bath, can always lead to anything more.

4. Ascertain that the toys are heated

Sex toys are a fun way to spice up your sex life, but silicone, metal, and glass may get rather frigid in the winter. While they will ultimately warm up to your body, it appears to take an eternity when you’re having winter sex and it’s already frigid.

To get around this, soak your waterproof toys in warm water and quickly heat them up. However, never use boiling water, as this can destroy your prized possessions.

5. Get close to the action

Maximizing skin-to-skin contact is essential for warming. Try hugging in the spoon position, which provides for the most skin contact while simulating a hug. It will bring you closer to your spouse on a physical and mental level, as well as keeping you both warm.

6. Switch up the setting

Anyone up for some dryer sex? Consider this scenario: You’ve spent the entire day outside, and your clothes are now soaked. What options do you have? While you’re putting your soaking wet clothing in the dryer, invite your partner to join you in the laundry room. It’s a good height for standing sex, plus you’ll have the added benefit of a toasty bottom when sat on the dryer!

7. Before performing oral surgery, have a cup of hot tea

Anyone looking for a sure-fire way to warm things up during cold sex should try this. Try peppermint tea if you want to take it up a level. Peppermint tea leaves provide your partner’s most sensitive portions a tingling feeling.

You’re about to give your spouse some of the best oral care he or she has ever gotten, thanks to the warmth from your mouth.

8. Let’s go slick, shall we?

Giving your sweetheart a massage is usually a good idea, but when it’s chilly outside, you can make it even better by adding warming oils. Always use a carrier oil with these oils and never apply them straight to the skin without it.

Warming oils like eucalyptus, pine, orange, cypress, and ginger smell incredibly festive. Warm the oil between your palms before gliding it over your partner’s muscles to assist relax them and ignite an inner fire. Use caution while applying them to more delicate body parts, as the tingling sensation may be too much for them.

Getting warm in the winter doesn’t have to be a sexless endeavour. You may make what is normally a dark and cold season into something better with some planning and resourcefulness. See what happens if you try these winter sex ideas!

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