Top Tips For Getting Through Holidays After A Breakup

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It’s difficult to know how to get through the holidays following a breakup. You’re in the midst of cuffing season, but you don’t feel like you’re the only one who has recently been uncuffed. While the holiday season is all about spending time with loved ones, it’s also the time of year when those same loved ones ask things like, “So, any kids on the way?” “The time is running out.” “Hasn’t your guy proposed yet?” or “Hasn’t your boyfriend proposed yet?”

Even if your relationship is in a good place, such queries can be frustrating. When they’re asked while you’re still hurting from a recent breakup, they’re far worse.

It’s very painful to break up during the holidays. While your friends are bringing their significant others home to meet the family, all you can think about is how to get through the next few months. If you’re going through a holiday breakup, we’ve compiled a list of seven recommendations to help you get through it!

7 Top Tips for Surviving the Holidays After a Breakup

1. Make sure you don’t miss out on any of your favourite holiday traditions.

Being with others can be challenging when you’re trying to figure out how to survive the holidays following a breakup. You probably didn’t realize how many couples ice skate together throughout the holiday season before your relationship ended. Even if you normally enjoy skating, you may be tempted to skip it this year in order to avoid the seemingly unending stream of joyful couples.

However, if you enjoy the holidays in general, don’t let the split detract from your enjoyment of the season. Yes, this year will be more difficult than the previous one, but there is still reason to be cheerful.

It’s also a good idea to have a backup plan in case things go too difficult. If you’re asked to a friend’s party, bring a non-dating companion so you have someone to talk to if you get overwhelmed. Also, alert your host about the possibility of you leaving early. Giving yourself a break and a reason to do what you need to do is an important part of surviving the holidays following a split.

2. Try not to let your breakup feelings fester.

It’s crucial not to suppress your emotions for the sake of everyone else’s holiday celebrations. It’s fine to tell your friends and family about your problems. They want to help you, but they can’t if they don’t know what’s bothering you.

It’s not the same as bringing up your split in every discussion you have at a party when you’re talking to a pal one-on-one over a pre-Christmas brunch.

3. Be ready to answer breakup questions.

Doesn’t it appear to be a two-edged sword? During the holidays, you shouldn’t talk about your split with everyone, but your family continues bringing it up. While there’s nothing you can do to completely stop the intrusive questions, having a prefabricated response on hand can help you navigate the tricky seas.

Even the best-intentioned family members can inadvertently cause distress, but having a set response can deter further inquiries. “Are you sure it’s over?” your mother will ask the next time. “We realized we don’t work well together as a couple and we won’t be getting back together,” simply respond.

If that isn’t enough, state flatly that you don’t want to talk about it any more since you’d rather spend your time together enjoying the holidays.

4. Limit your alcohol consumption after breakup.

You might be tempted to drowning your sorrows in glass after glass of wine when wondering about how to survive the holidays following a breakup. While this may feel nice at first, it will only make matters worse in the long run.

Because alcohol is a depressant, you’ll probably feel depressed when you wake up hungover the next morning and discover the 15 drunken text messages you sent to your ex the night before. For the sake of your sanity, try to avoid downing shots.

5. Return any gifts you’ve previously received after the breakup.

Get rid of the gift if you split up with someone soon before the holiday season. Don’t anonymously give it to your ex, don’t regift it, just get rid of it. Allowing that gift to take up mental space will make the holidays even more difficult.

6. Take a social media break.

If you think couples are ubiquitous in real life around the holidays, wait till you see them on social media. Perfect couple images, complete with filters and a lot of staging, abound on Instagram.

Even if you know in the back of your mind that these photographs aren’t real, seeing all those “happy” couples is going to hurt, so take a social media sabbatical for the holidays.

7. There will be no holiday rebounds.

Don’t fall into the rebound trap, whether you run into an old high school crush or merely happen to match with an old crush on Tinder. You’re not ready to start dating again. Plus, “no strings attached” rarely works with someone you have to see on a regular basis.

Spend some time getting to know yourself and being with non-romantic loved ones who can help you get through the holidays after a difficult split.

Embrace your single status. During the Holiday Season

You’re not alone in wondering how to get through the holidays following a split. They’re difficult at any time of year, but they’re especially difficult in November and December. Nonetheless, there are reasons to be optimistic! Although being alone this holiday season means you won’t be as carefree as you were last year, remembering these seven ideas will help you enjoy a great holiday season with your loved ones.

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