Top 5 Benefits Of Missionary Sex Position

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This missionary sex position is a simple and effective posture that you may adapt to produce a mind-blowing sexual experience.

What Is a Missionary Sex Position?

The missionary sex position is a sexual act in which the partner controls the speed and depth of penetration by lying on top of the receiving partner. Couples of any gender identity or sexual orientation can employ the missionary sex position for dry humping sessions.

5 Advantages of Being a Missionary

The missionary sex position is a classic one that comes with a slew of perks:


The missionary position’s emphasis on intimacy is one of its key advantages. Missionary position is one of the best ways to bond with your partner. Face-to-face communication provides for lot of eye contact, skin-to-skin touch, and easy access to each other’s bodies.

Clitoral stimulation

is the second type of stimulation. The partner’s pubic area grinds against the clitoris during the act. Providing simultaneous stimulation, the missionary position can be satisfying for vulva owners.

Jumping-off point

It serves as a jumping-off point for additional activities. This position that allows for smooth transitions into oral sex, double penetration, and positions like the lotus, which prioritize face-to-face contact.

Enjoy yourself without having to use your hands

You can use your hands to freely explore your partner’s sensitive zone or integrate a sex toy into the mix because missionary is a hands-free position. Other methods for attaining a hands-free orgasm can be learned.


Its simplicity makes it an excellent starting point for a variety of variants. While the limited depth of penetration may be a concern for some. You may change the angle to allow for deeper penetration.

5 Different Missionary Sex Positions

Missionary Sex Position is just one of many levels. Here are some options for missionary position:

Sex Toys

Because the missionary position is a hands-free posture, it’s simple to integrate sex toys for extra stimulation. For clitoral stimulation, you can utilize cock rings or external vibrators.

Deep penetration

During missionary, raising the legs and floor allows for deeper penetration. Wrap one or both legs around the partner’s hips using a pillow behind the receiving partner’s lower back.
In a version known as the seashell or oyster, the receiving partner might lay their legs on the shoulders of the partner but only if they are flexible.
This version makes it simpler to reach the G-spot or 2-3 inch region of the vaginal wall.

Coital Alignment Technique

This technique is used for External clitoral stimulation. The receiving partner drops down a few inches during missionary sex so their vulva coincides with the base of the partner’s penis or dildo.
The partner can then use a grinding motion to provide pressure to the top of the vulva and directly stimulating the clitoris.

The Floating Rider

One person lies down with legs bent, one partner is on top towards the other partner lying against their thighs.
While thrusting, the partner might support and lift the receiving partner’s hips using their fore arms and hands.

Edge of the World

This is a low-impact variant on the missionary position. The receiving partner lies on their backside on the edge of a bed, table, or any raised surface with both partners’ private parts at the same height to perform this position.
The partner can then easily enter the receiver by looking into each other’s eyes and exploring one other’s bodies with their hands.

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