Today’s Dating Terms You Want To Know

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In today’s environment, it may appear like dating is always evolving. It’s a far cry from years before, when meeting people at bars or at work was the most usual occurrence. Things used to be simpler before the invention of technology.

You didn’t need to be familiar with all of today’s slang and dating terminology. With the advancement of technology and the proliferation of dating apps, it’s understandable that there is a dating language that we wouldn’t have used a few years ago.

Of course, ghosting was still a thing, but it was different because there was no ‘simple’ way to vanish from someone’s life before mobile phones.

We are fortunate to have technology that allows us to speak with people we would never have met otherwise, thanks to dating apps and social media. However, keeping up with modern dating, especially if you’re new to it, can be difficult.

We’ve put up a handy guide to make dating a little bit easier for you, and it all starts with learning more about these new and trendy dating phrases.

Dating Terms You Should Know

1. Benching

Benchmarking has been around for decades; we just didn’t know what to call it until now. It entails keeping someone around even if you have no intention of dating them since you don’t want them to move on and find someone better.

It’s a terrible thing to do to someone because it gives them a false sense of hope. They’d be willing to wait indefinitely if they think there’s even a remote chance they’ll end up with you. Nobody, on the other hand, wants to be second best.

2. Cushioning

Cushioning is another thing that has been around for a long time. This is when you have a lot of love interests because you’re terrified of committing to just one person if it doesn’t work out. So, if things go wrong with one of the individuals you’re seeing, you’ll always have someone to fall back on. You essentially have a ‘cushion’ to fall back on.

3. Haunting

So, you’re definitely acquainted with the term “ghosting,” but just in case you aren’t, it’s when you mysteriously vanish from someone’s life without warning.

Ghosting is frequently done through dating apps since it is a less confrontational and difficult manner of ending a relationship.

Haunting is the polar opposite of haunting. This is when you break up with someone but they continue to check in on you, usually by like images or posts on social media.

They don’t normally try to speak with you, but they do try to keep track of your whereabouts and activities. When there are still signs of someone’s existence, it can be difficult to totally get rid of them. That’s why they’re following you around!

4. Kittenfishing

Kittenfishing is similar to catfishing in that it entails pretending to be someone you’re not. You may not be utilising other people’s photos, but the photos you post may be old or manipulated, and not a true representation of your actual appearance.

Kittenfishing is all about deception, thus it may be lying about your career or telling someone you play the guitar on a daily basis when you don’t own one. Even while we all attempt to present ourselves in the best light possible on dating apps, there’s a distinction to be made between slightly bending the facts and constructing a false profile. To create a fantastic dating profile, you don’t have to lie.

5. Submarining

Submarining is when someone disappears for a long time and then reappears in your life, attempting to start up where you left off. To the recipient, it’s a perplexing move because it makes you wonder if they’re still interested in you. This isn’t typical conduct, and it’s a red flag that they aren’t looking for a genuine romantic relationship. They’re most likely bored.

That’s all there is to it. When it comes to online dating and in-person dating, these are some of the most popular terms to be aware of. The symptoms may not always be evident, but they are there; all you have to do is keep an eye out for them. Remember that if someone truly desires to be with you, they will. It’s straightforward counsel that will go a long way.

Now that you’ve learned some of the most common dating terminology, dating should be a little bit easier for you. But don’t forget to have fun and be kind while you’re out there!

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