Spooning Sex Position To Help You Last Longer In Bed

Spooning Sex Position

Spooning has a terrible reputation for being the preferred sex position of the inebriated or lethargic. But hear me out: In this intimate setting, you can have some of the hottest sex you’ll ever have.

The skin-to-skin contact, for example, is unrivalled: From your neck to your toes, you’re literally tethered. Two, having your partner’s hips pressed against yours means you can feel every inch of them within from the start to the finish of each thrust. Last but not least, there are many options for increased feeling due to the physical closeness, such as your spouse kissing your neck, touching your nipples, or massaging your clitoris. The possibilities are limitless.

Spooning sex position isn’t going to make itself exciting

Here’s how to improve your spooning skills:

Play with your fingers for a while

Spooning sex is most common in the morning, when you’re half sleepy, or in the evening, just before you fall asleep. Both of these times (especially the morning) are likely to make you feel particularly tense on the inside. So “wake up” by probing your vagina and clitoris with your fingers, or have your lover do so as well.

Apply lubricant

Lubricant, the answer to almost every sex scenario. Lubricant simply improves intercourse. When you’re not extremely wet on your own (before you’re completely awake and excited, or after a long, stressful day), this is doubly true. Because the close-contact position might seem intense without it, Brito recommends it for spooning sex in particular.

Have pleasure with their hips

Sure, you have easy access to your partner’s trash, and they can get their hands on yours at any time (upper and lower). But you’re also in the ideal position to focus on each other’s hip bones, which are a major erogenous zone for many individuals. Squeeze your partner’s hips while they squeeze yours—a tickle will almost certainly be sent to the exact spot where you need it.

Experiment with different leg positions

I get it: half the fun of spooning sex is lying down and not moving much. But that’s the dull kind…and you’ve had your fill of that, right? Get flirty with your legs to make your romantic session more exciting: Lift one knee toward the ceiling, bend the other and position your foot on top of the opposite shin, and then bend both knees significantly. All of these twists will alter your internal experience of fullness.

Best 4 Spooning Sex Position

Try out these four positions right now:

Spoon (Traditional)

How I adore you, Traditional Spoon. This classic (for a cause, of course) position needs least effort but provides maximum pleasure when used with the tips above.

How to Do It: You’re both lying on your sides, facing the same way. While your spouse slips up behind your waist and joins you from behind, you raise your knees slightly.

The Spork

Okay, so it’s more like a half-spooning, but who’s counting? All it takes to acquire some direct rubbing action on your clitoris is a slight alteration in form on your part (simply flip onto your back and lift a leg).

How to Do It: While you’re on your back, your partner should stay on their side. Then raise your left leg to a 90-degree angle between your legs, allowing them to enter you. The tines of a spork will be formed by your legs.

Scoop in the opposite direction

Spooning, in my opinion, is more about your body cocooning into each other than it is about your heads facing the same direction. So there is no excuse you can’t have spooning sex while gazing each other in the eyes—hence the Reverse Scoop.

As they enter you, turn your body to face your partner and draw their body close to yours. Intertwine your legs and get down to business.

Spoon Sitting

Who said spooning has to be done while lying down? This variation on the Traditional Spoon assures intense G-spot stimulation while also changing the perspective of your hot bodies.

Sit on the edge of the bed or on a chair with your spouse. Then you sit on top of them with your back to them.

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