Signs How To Know If A Guy Likes You

How To Know If A Guy Likes You

The worst are mixed signals. How to know if a guy likes you, who is working at your local coffee shop or just doing his job?

What about that guy in class who is always making fun of you, but you have a feeling it could be more than that?

We’ve got the goods on the telltale indicators he is trying not to like you and why he’d do it!

A guy may be pretending not to like you or downplaying his attraction for a variety of reasons. He might think you’re already taken or that you’re not interested in him.

In most circumstances, though, a guy who can’t be honest about his interest in you isn’t worth your time. So let’s have closer look. There are several reasons why he may be sending you confusing signals.

5 Signs How To Know If A Guy Likes You or Pretending Not to Like You

1. He’s always making fun of you

The guy who constantly seems to pay attention to you but does so by mocking or pranking rather than telling you how wonderful you are.

If a guy seems to spend a lot of time teasing you, it’s one of the indicators he’s acting not to like you but secretly does.

This kind of behaviour makes sense in a workplace, classroom, or other setting where you’re likely to be casually hanging out and seeing each other on a frequent basis, and he doesn’t want to be excessively flirting.

Some guys, especially if he’s a natural goofball, simply flirt in this way rather than the more romantic method of doing things. Consider how you often tease your close friends or family members since you are at ease with them. It might occasionally indicate that you adore someone!

So if you still have a cloud in your head of how to know if a guy likes you then burst the cloud because he ls pretending not to like you but he does.

2. He cares deeply about you (but never talks about his)

Do you have a male buddy that often inquires about your dating life or your significant other? This could be one of the signals that he’s only interested in you as a friend.

He’s probably curious in your love life because he wants to know if you’re single or planning to be single in the near future.

He could also be keeping track of what you enjoy and don’t like in your relationships for future use. This is especially true if he never appears interested in discussing his dating life.

When you question if he’s seeing anybody, or if he finds another way to dismiss it, it’s because he wants you to know that he’s accessible if you’re ever interested.

When a guy says he cares about you, Only one caveat: if he’s a player, he might not want you to know about his dating past so you don’t think he’s a heartbreaker!

3. He doesn’t care but he does

Even if he isn’t always inquiring about your current boo, if he is continuously inquiring about your new work, your difficult classes, how you’re adjusting to your new apartment, etc., he cares.

He’s asking not only because he remembers the specifics, but also because he remembers to ask!

Of course, he could just be a terrific friend, but most guys aren’t as attentive all of the time, so he acts like he doesn’t care but he does.

4. He appears to be present at all times

Do you believe it’s a coincidence that he always comes into the restaurant where you work as a waitress?

Or that whenever he contacts you, he’s always “in the neighbourhood”? This could indicate that he’s pretending not to like you yet can’t get enough of you.

This could be his technique of spending time with you while appearing casual and avoiding having to ask you out on a date.

Unless there’s a reason for him to be cautious about coming on too strong (for example, if you’re seeing someone), this could be a red flag depending on your preferences.

Some women may prefer a man who is forthright about his objectives and has well-thought-out plans, but that is a question you must answer for yourself!

5. He makes jokes about you and your relationship

This indicator is arguably the most important.

If he makes jokes like “if we were married, you’d probably nag me about my cigar smoking all the time,” or “so bad we aren’t simply dating, would spare us both the effort of these awful dating apps,”

You can definitely think that these are the signs a guy is pretending to like you and he’s obviously into you, even if he’s not ready to accept it yet.

Now you’ve read all the signs how to know if a guy likes you, and they’re all accurate. So, what are you planing to do now?

Many dating experts will tell you that if he’s sending you conflicting signals, it’s a sign you should move on, and they could be right.

After all, do you really want to put your time and effort into a relationship with a person who pretends not to like you instead of providing you the love and attention you deserve?

If you’re genuinely like him, I’d suggest making a move (even if it’s little) to see if he bites.

If all goes well, maybe he’ll understand you’re feeling him as well, and you’ll both be able to go on! Best of luck!

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