The Best and Worst Messages Online Dating

The Best and Worst Messages

You’ve matched to someone who could be your soulmate after carefully filling up your online dating profile. Awesome! Now is the moment to get to know them better by sending them the correct online dating messages.

You want to maintain the person’s attention and make them involved in an online chat just like you would in person, but you also have to apply common sense and politeness. If you wouldn’t say something to a face-to-face conversation partner, don’t mention it in an online dating message.

Dating Hunger & Team! has put together a list of best and worst Messages to send in any online conversation that will function well.

What messages really need to send in online dating

Asking the correct questions and maintaining the flow of discussion are the keys to having a good online dating chat.

A nice greeting with a question for your potential match. This initiates the conversation rather than leaving your match unsure of how to go.

Based on their profile, ask your match questions about their hobbies. This demonstrates that you care about them and have already taken the effort to get to know them.

For instance, if your match uploaded a photo of themselves playing baseball, inquire about their fondest baseball moments. Ask who their favorite Broadway performer is and why, or what their favorite music is and why, if they indicated they like Broadway musicals.

Questions that are lighthearted and low-pressure to assist you and your match also get to know one other. Keep it lighthearted! Pose inquiries about:

  • Their interests
  • Favorite vacation spots
  • They’ve had some recent excursions that they’ve loved.
  • Foods, restaurants, and cuisines that they enjoy
  • What would their dream day look like?
  • Their media pursuits (favorite movies, TV shows, books, etc.)
  • pastimes
  • bucket list items
  • Favorite childhood memories

Messages containing the phrase “What’s yours?” or the “How about you?” method.

  • Have you just answered a question from your match, such as “what is your favorite destination you’ve ever visited,” and aren’t sure what to say next? “How about you?” or a similar query can be used.
  • You might also offer personal information (such as your favorite movie) before asking your match to do something with “What’s yours?” “Iron Man is my favorite film,” for example. “How about you?”

Icebreakers with a twist to assist you to get to know your date’s personality. Consider the following:

  • If you can have any power, which would you choose?
  • What If you could be any bird for a day, which one would you choose?
  • And If you won a significant jackpot, what would you do with it?


  • “How was your day?” “Hey” on its own, “hello” on its own, “How was your day?” as a conversation starter, or something similar these messages are quite tedious. They will not attract anyone’s attention and will demonstrate sloth. You’re a lot more inventive than that, right?
  • “I think you’re my soulmate,” or “I love you.” You haven’t even met the individual yet – it’s far too soon for such serious commitments!
  • “Can you tell me what you’re searching for in a relationship?” This is a question that far too many people ask. Boring! Furthermore, this could lead to an unpleasant situation if you don’t suit the specification of what your match believes they’re looking for.

Rants or negativity, particularly when it comes to online dating.

Messages that are too long. Don’t send texts that are longer than a few phrases, and don’t talk about yourself incessantly. Shorter messages allow both of you to communicate and listen at the same time, which is the optimum balancing in any conversation.

Stories that cope with difficult subjects. Don’t talk about failed relationships, financial challenges, family issues, sicknesses, or other difficult topics. That’ll have to wait till you’ve met face to face at least once.

Questions about yourself. You shouldn’t unload luggage on your match, and you shouldn’t ask questions that force your match to do the same. For example, don’t inquire about how their previous relationship ended, their financial situation, or whether they have any medical problems. Save those queries for during the first and next face-to-face meeting.

Questions of faith or politics. These are best avoided until you’ve met in person.

Questions regarding the future’s long-term plans. This may throw your match underneath the bus, as well as disrupt the humorous atmosphere that online dating talks are supposed to have. As a result, this is another form of a question that should be saved for after you’ve met in person.

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