Online Dating Red Flags: Don’t Ignore

Online Dating Red Flags

It’s not always easy to spot potential online dating red flags. Despite the fact that dating apps have become commonplace, particularly in the aftermath of the epidemic, learning how to keep safe online is as crucial as ever.

But, what exactly are red flags when it comes to online dating, and how do you notice them? With a few pointers in mind, you can sift out the bad apples and concentrate on the matches that are ideal for you! We’ve included our top five online dating red flags for you to watch out for below.

5 Online Dating Red Flags to Look Out For

1. They have an almost empty profile

One of the easiest red flags to identify in online dating profiles is ‘zero effort.’ It’s a terrible sign if someone doesn’t have a profile photo or if their profile is completely devoid of material. It doesn’t necessary mean they’re dodgy, but it does imply that they’re sluggish. To get to know them, you’ll have to put in a lot more effort, and you might decide it’s not worth it.

Online dating can be a difficult process. This is especially true when others aren’t contributing their fair share. When compared to your carefully worded summary and excellent photos, someone functioning with a faceless or nearly-empty profile creates an imbalance.

2.  Their profile seems designed to show off

This is a more common red signal for women when it comes to online dating. A man’s profile that is full of bravado and boasting can be nearly as harmful as an empty one. This type of profile is easily identifiable. Instead of an honest account of the individual, it will read like a sales pitch. They’ll almost certainly brag a little, especially about their travels.

It can be boring to read these kind of profiles. Even if you engage with them, you may end up on a date with someone who only wants to brag about how amazing they are. It’s a no.

3. They’re too pushy and impatient

For both men and women, this is one of the most concerning online dating red flags. It shouts arrogance and entitlement. You owe no one your time, least of all a random stranger on the internet with whom you’ve only been conversing for five minutes.

Is your match becoming irritated with you because you’re taking too long to respond?

Is it possible that they’re pressuring you to reveal personal information that you don’t want to share? Now is the time to move on. They’re demonstrating that they don’t understand boundaries, which isn’t the first step toward a healthy relationship.

4. They seem a little too eager to meet up

It can be a mistake to spend weeks or months cultivating a digital relationship in case there isn’t a spark when you meet in person (yes, I’ve done it). However, it can be off-putting when a match is eager to meet up without first getting to know you.

If someone appears frantic to proceed to an in-person encounter, it’s possible they’re looking for a quick hookup.

This isn’t always a problem, especially if you’re looking for the same thing! But it’s perfectly OK if you only want to strike up a conversation before committing to an evening in their company. If you ask them to pump the brakes and they become irritated, you know you got away with it.

5. Something about them just doesn’t feel quite right

This online dating red sign may be a little hazy, but it’s still valid. In her piece for The Everygirl, Heather Bien adds, “If your spidey senses are tingling that something about their tale doesn’t fit up — believe yourself.” This is excellent guidance.

Even if you don’t know why, you could get a terrible vibe from someone that makes you dislike them. In these situations, go with your gut instinct. It’ll be correct more often than it’ll be incorrect!

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