Meeting A Dating App Match, How Long Should You Wait?

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Meeting people on dating apps is a quagmire of rules and etiquette, leaving us all wondering: Which photos should you put on your profile? When it comes to messaging, how long should you wait meeting a dating app match? What should you say in the first sentence? It doesn’t stop there, either. How long should you wait after conversing with someone you believe you like before meeting up in person?

58 percent of dating app users wait up to a month before meeting their matches in person, according to what happened.

Here’s how you tell when it’s the ideal time to meet up with someone.

When should you meet up with a dating app match in person?

According to Match dating expert Hayley Quinn, it’s better to meet up sooner rather than later. According to Quinn, one to two weeks is the ideal amount of time to get to know someone, but not so much that you overthink it and the spark dies.

Quinn recommends setting aside one evening a week for spontaneous fun to ensure you don’t have to wait any longer due to your hectic schedule. This way, you’ll have time to schedule a date when the time comes.

Why should you meet up as soon as possible?

The first reason to meet together with a dating app match right away is to avoid overthinking things. If you exchange a lot of texts with someone, you have an image of them in your head, and if that image doesn’t match reality, you may be disappointed. The ideal strategy is to avoid painting too big a picture of someone before meeting them and instead let the real person affect your impressions.

If you message too much before meeting, you may grow emotionally involved with the person before you’ve ever met, Quinn warns, which can lead to even greater sorrow if things don’t work out.

Second, setting up a meeting right after you start chatting allows you to screen out folks who aren’t actually interested. “One of the best indicators that someone is serious about meeting you in person is whether they will take the time to meet you in person pretty shortly. If someone wants to take a break from dating, you can assume that it isn’t a priority for them right now.

Before a meeting, don’t send too many messages.

If you put off meeting up with someone for too long, you may never get around to going on a date with them. Quinn argues, “The concern isn’t that they’ll dump you after a while; it’s that their personal circumstances or attitude toward dating may change.”

While it’s important to converse enough to see whether you like someone, Quinn advises against messaging too much before meeting up. “Avoid asking challenging questions such, ‘What you are seeking for?'” says the author. says the author. Aim for an attitude of being open to a relationship if you meet someone special, rather than thinking you need or desire one just to be in one. As a result, seeing how well you get along and communicate is more crucial than having someone meet a list of requirements,” she adds.

Is it possible to meet up too quickly?

After two or three days of communicating, don’t rule out meeting someone, but Quinn advises avoiding extremely last-minute encounters. “While it may be tempting to meet up with someone who texts you at the last minute, it could suggest that they don’t value your time and want you to drop everything to get out with them.”

“While meeting up so quickly can feel romantic, that can be quite misleading,” Quinn says. “Be sceptical of anyone who wants to meet up early or several times in the first week, as this shows they’re rushing into things.”

On an app date, where should you go?

Quinn recommends giving first dates a solid couple of hours if you’ve already met the person in person. If you met them via an app, try a micro-date, which may last anywhere from an hour to an hour and a half.

If you don’t want to limit yourself to beverages or coffee, meet for coffee and a walk, which will let the discussion flow more smoothly. Quinn also recommends going on an activity date, such as mini-golf, an exercise class, or a trip to the grocery store.

When meeting a dating app match in person, here’s how to be safe.

Make sure you meet up with someone for the first time on a date, whether they’re from an app or not, in a public area, and always notify a buddy where, when, and with whom you’re meeting. You may even tell a friend where you are or make a plan to get out of the situation.

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