The Benefits and Drawbacks of Sex Only Relationships

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You’ve probably experimented with or dreamt about a healthy sex relationship. Who hasn’t done it? The concept of a casual relationship, often known as friends with benefits, sex pals, or no-strings-attached, seems fantastic. In theory, at least. Imagine having all of your bodily needs addressed by someone you like without having to fight over trivial matters like who will take out the garbage this week.

Regrettably, in principle, simply sex relationships are typically better than in fact. That isn’t to say they don’t have a place in society. Especially if you don’t think you’re ready for a long-term commitment. But, before you jump in, think about the advantages and disadvantages of this type of relationship. We’ve compiled a list of the benefits and drawbacks of simply sex relationships that you should bear in mind for your next casual encounter.

The Benefits and Drawbacks of Just Sex Relationships to Be Aware Of

1. Advantage: You’re less prone to hurt other people’s feelings in the name of sex

Things tend to get difficult when sex is involved. After a few encounters, you always have that awkward moment where you wonder, “Is this just a sex thing?” Is this person looking for more?” Being honest about your needs will help you stay true to them if you know that sex is all you’re seeking for. As a result, you should be able to prevent hurting the other person’s feelings.

A just sex relationship will ideally suit your requirements, allowing you to avoid wasting the time of others who may be looking for more. Tell your partner you’re searching for a casual relationship if you’re unsure. Don’t be embarrassed about it. It’s a lot easier for everyone if you’re upfront and honest from the beginning.

Pitfall: The danger is that you may develop affections for your casual sex partner

The issue with purely sexual relationships is that biology does not necessarily want us to have them. Our body hormones may have different plans, no matter how clear you are about solely wanting a “no strings attached” relationship. The body releases a hormone called Oxytocin when you have intercourse with someone. This substance in the brain can cause feelings of attachment. These sentiments of attachment can get greater if you have sex with the same casual partner on a regular basis.

“If I’m having so much fun with this individual, why don’t we just make things more serious?” you might wonder. “I’ve been sleeping with this person for six months; why don’t they want to be more serious with me?” or, even worse, “I’ve been sleeping with this person for six months; why don’t they want to be more serious with me?” these thoughts can creep in. The mind has different way of working..

2. Advantage: Your physical requirements will be serviced by the same individual on a regular basis

To feel fulfilled, most humans require sex or some type of physical affection. Getting your sexual needs fulfilled if you’re not in a serious relationship can be challenging, unsatisfactory, or just plain awkward.

It can feel safer and more comfortable to have a merely sex relationship with one person rather than bouncing from stranger to stranger. Furthermore, the more sex you have with one individual, the better you’ll learn to know each other’s tastes.

Pitfall: There is often a breakdown in communication

The issue with these kinds of relationships is that many individuals don’t think of them as such. “If I’d wanted rules, I’d have been in a serious relationship,” they say to themselves. Because they know this isn’t a serious relationship, the other partner may be hesitant to start meaningful dialogues. However, communication is crucial, just as it is in serious partnerships.

3. Advantage: You have the freedom to test your sexual boundaries in new ways

People always say that having sex with someone you love is better. While I don’t disagree, there are some advantages to casual sex as well. Generally speaking, you may feel more at ease trying something you wouldn’t do in a serious relationship.

For example, you might never want to have a threesome with your partner because you’re jealous of him dating another woman. However, this could be a nice activity to attempt with a random couple from the pub who you’ll never see again. Similarly, when you’re with a casual partner, you could feel more at ease trying new things in the bedroom.

Pitfall: You can end up in a relationship that isn’t simply about sex

There is a lot of scope creep when it comes to purely sexual relationships. When you get to know someone physically, you may find yourself telling them about your recent employment crisis. Ask your handsome hookup buddy if he can assemble your new IKEA shelf for you next weekend.

This is why having rules and boundaries in place is so important. There are far too many examples of people who chose a mate solely based on sexual attraction, only to find themselves married to them despite their incompatibility.

Decide what is best for you. Be honest with yourself about what you genuinely want before you do anything. It may seem simpler to say you’re looking for a strictly sexual connection. If you’re craving more, it’s a sign that you should look into a more serious relationship.

If that’s the case, go on dates with a purpose and try to connect with people who share your long-term objectives and needs rather than just the people you think you’d have fantastic sex with. Whatever road you choose, remember to stay positive and have fun!

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