How To Write A Dating Profile For A Man: 9 Useful Tips

Dating Profile For A Man

Let’s be honest about this. Online dating is typically more difficult for males, and it’s easy to get stumped as to how to design a dating profile for a man! Women’s inboxes are frequently swamped with responses (some genuine, some alarming), whereas men frequently receive few responses and are left with bruised sentiments.

It’s possible that it’s not you, gentlemen. It’s possible that the women you’ve contacted are simply sifting through random ‘what’s up’ messages from non-contenders, keeping them from responding to you in a timely manner.

If you have a feeling that your dating profile may use some polishing, go with your instinct. It’s a good idea to refresh your dating profile every now and again to make sure there’s nothing in it that makes women hesitant to message you first. Here are a few pointers to assist you in making better matches.

What You Want to Know About How to Write a Dating Profile for a Man

1. Don’t use recycled jokes

When Chris Rock said that, it was amusing; it’s less humorous when it’s in your profile. If nothing else, make a note that you enjoy stand-up comedy and try to bring it up on your first date.

Otherwise, quotes may come out as awkward or out of context, or just as filler since you can’t think of anything else to say. The same may be said for movie quotes. They frequently bomb when taken out of context.

2. Make sure not to lie about your height, even if you’re insecure

Short guys may feel like they’re at a disadvantage, but most women don’t mind if they have a strong personality. The only thing that matters is whether or not you’re lying about it.

Girls can detect if a guy claims to be 5’10” but is actually 5’6″. Right away, that dishonesty will make you appear untrustworthy. Simply be honest, and offer your date something more interesting to think about.

3. Lay off the sexual humor

Obviously, you want to meet someone and have a fulfilling sexual life. However, the best partnerships necessitate a lot more. You can come across as strange or immature if you mention dirty jokes or innuendo in your profile.

Once you’ve established a rapport with someone, these conversations will flow freely. Unless you’re looking for a speedy hookup, make your best qualities stand out first.

4. Don’t come off as being too cocky

You’re selling yourself too hard if you describe all of the reasons why you’re excellent. Nobody is flawless, and no one wants to date a guy who boasts about his high school accomplishments, especially if he graduated ten years ago. Find one item you’re very proud of and concentrate on it.

If you have a lot of things to say, keep in mind that you aren’t trying to give your entire life narrative. You both have plenty of time to get to know one other if you’re searching for a long-term relationship.

5. Unleash your sense of humor

Use a witty joke or anecdote to pique their curiosity. There isn’t a single girl who isn’t turned off by a good sense of humour. You demonstrate that you have a pleasant personality by making her smile immediately away.

Jokes can also be used to initiate a conversation. Your joke should be creative, non-offensive, and possibly thought-provoking. Cute puns or other forms of wordplay are usually a hit.

6. Don’t be too negative

When it comes to dating, you don’t have to defend a dating gap or discuss your previous bad luck. This isn’t a CV; instead, it’s a portrait of you. Women will believe that if your profile is negative, you’ll be much more negative in person. Such interactions can be uncomfortable for both sides.

Even if your self-esteem is shattered, try to remain upbeat about the dating environment. Make an effort to sell yourself. You have more favourable qualities than your brain would like you to believe.

7. Don’t expect a ton of responses if you’re looking for a unicorn

That is, if you want to date a non-drinker who is physically fit, doesn’t want children, enjoys the same music you like, and happens to be a redhead, you’re automatically screening out a lot of women and setting yourself up to fail.

Make an effort to be more forthright about the types of women you wish to meet. Sometimes you’ll see that your preferences have shifted from what you thought they were. While certain aspects are absolute deal-breakers, such as their views on children, others, such as musical taste and hair colour, aren’t nearly as important.

8. Keep your profile photo fresh

You’re not being completely honest if you use a photo from eight years ago that you happen to enjoy. Same goes if your facial hair has altered a much, like if you’re currently sporting a moustache yet your default image is of you looking fresh-faced.

Many dating sites offer galleries, so feel free to include these old photos; just don’t make them the first thing ladies view.

9. Remember, you’re not going to impress everyone

Even if you have the nicest profile and the most flattering photographs, there will be those who aren’t interested. Take it in stride and don’t place blame on them. Different things attract different people. It’s vital to remember that you probably passed on a lot of nice girls due to a lack of chemistry or attractiveness, therefore it’s crucial to realise that it works both ways.

Your profile will most likely be a lot of fun if you’re a likeable person who makes friends easily. If you’re stumped on how to build a dating profile for a male, keep in mind that it’s a reflection of yourself. You won’t meet the love of your life if you fill your page with lines that you think women will like rather than lines that genuinely express who you are. So just be yourself and have fun with it.

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