5 Signs He Has Strong Feelings For You

He Has Strong Feelings For You

With so many ways to communicate these days, you’d think figuring out the signs he has strong feelings for you would be simple.

You’d expect that he’d snap, text, tweet, or watch your IG storey and you’d just know, but the male species may be difficult to read.

Beyond all of the ways to communicate (where little conversation really occurs), there’s the issue of us filling in the blanks.

If a guy you like offers to drop you and your roommate to the airport, you could think to yourself, “Oh, he definitely likes me!” He’s ensuring that we don’t need to use an Uber!”

Only to find out later that he was actually seeking for your roommate to hang out with. It’s happened to all of us ladies, and it’s a pain in the neck.

Guys, on the other hand, aren’t as difficult to figure out as you may assume. It’s possible that all you need to do now is stop overthinking it.

You may have grown up watching romantic films and believe that the only way to know if he has strong feelings for you is, if he makes a huge gesture.

“I love you,” he writes on a dozen roses he sends you. “Let’s run away together,” he says, or he choreographs a flash mob in which he kneels to propose.

You can overlook his more subtle signals if you’re only looking for spectacular gestures.

But don’t be alarmed. Here are some tried-and-true signals that the person who’s attracted your eye is also interested in you.

5 signs he has strong feelings for you

1. He leans in close to you

Look at his feet the next time you’re out with this gentleman. Strange, I know, but consider this: are his feet pointing towards you?

It may seem strange, but when we are interested in someone, we point our bodies in their direction.

We lean in closer to make sure we’re hearing them correctly, don’t cross our arms in front of each other and keep our gaze fixed on one other.

We may even imitate their actions, such as crossing our legs or shifting our body weight. Keep your eyes peeled.

Unfortunately, if his body isn’t aiming towards you, his heart isn’t either. Is he serious about me or just playing can comes into your mind.

2. When he’s with you, he gets nervous

Is he making a mistake with his words? tripping over himself or spilling his drink? speaking so quickly that he doesn’t even pause to gather his breath?

or he touting his innumerable merits while also slipping how much money he acquired with his latest raise?

Don’t assume you’re chatting to a self-absorbed knucklehead who can’t manage to retain his balance on a flat surface.

If a guy is interested in you, he may be just as frightened as you are in the same situation.

Recognize that he isn’t a complete moron who can’t hold his balance on a flat surface.

3. He pays close attention to you

If he’s pointing his feet at you, he’s probably making an effort to talk to you wherever you are.

He could be contacting you and asking about your day, your job, your dog, or even your mother.

If he has strong feelings for you, he’ll want to learn more about you. It may come across as an interrogation at times, but know that he’s genuinely interested in getting to know you.

He might also be checking in on a regular basis to make sure he stays on your thoughts and in your inbox.

4. He’s putting his hand on your shoulder

His leg brushes against yours beneath the dinner table.

When you’re walking somewhere with him, he places his hand on your back. When he laughs or wants to accentuate a point, he rubs your arm.

A man who isn’t interested in you isn’t going to make reasons to touch you. He’ll make every effort not to give you that idea by not touching you at all.

5. When a guy tells you personal things about himself

He informs you of his plans, whether it’s with his buddies or for an after-work get-together.

He’s informing you because he expects you to turn up. He expects you to be there.

Don’t mistake it for him friend-zoning you or for the fact that he considers you a friend. If he didn’t want you to be a part of those plans, he wouldn’t tell you about them.

If he invites you out with his pals, consider it a tremendous compliment. That’s a significant achievement.

Yes, males can act as though they are a separate species at times. “Why can’t you just tell how you feel?” you might be yelling at them in your brain.

However, when you’re trying to find out how to tell if a guy likes you, the solution could be right in front of your eyes.

Don’t fall victim to the huge gesture fallacy. The real tell is in the subtlety, which you might get once in a while or after you’ve been seeing someone for a while.

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