Best Tips On How To Shave Your Vaginal Hair

How to shave your vaginal Hair

Woman always talk about on how to shave your vaginal hair with her girlfriends. What we mean is that, before having sex, most of us end up talking about body hair removal, specifically getting rid of the hair down there. Have you been told by your lover that you should wax or shave your private area?

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Here are some tips on how to shave your vaginal hair


  • Before shaving, trim your hair. Avoid getting too near to the skin since you can cut yourself. To see, use a hand mirror, and stop cutting when you feel you’re getting too close to the skin. If your hair is long, your goal is to simply trim it down, not to cut it to the roots.
  • Before shaving, take a 5-10 minute warm shower or bath. Warm water softens your skin and relaxes your hair follicles, making for a more enjoyable experience!
  • The difficult issue about shaving genital hair is that there aren’t many smooth or flat surfaces in your vagina. With your non-dominant hand, gently pull the skin back until it’s flat, then shave with your dominant hand to create these flat areas. 
  • Ingrown hairs can be avoided by shaving in the direction of hair growth rather than against it. Without rushing, shave carefully and evenly. Rinse your razor regularly to remove trapped hair and achieve a smoother shave.
  • When you’re done, rinse your skin. Shave cream and hair should be removed from the region. If you cut yourself when shaving, don’t worry about it; just remove the blood as well. It’s fine if there’s a nick here and there. If you cut yourself severely, get medical help.

Removal Cream

  • Before you apply the product, you should trim your hair. Take care when using the scissors to avoid cutting yourself. Stop cutting your hair if you think the scissors are getting too close to your skin.
  • Before usage, test a tiny amount of cream on your arm. It’s always a good idea to test any new substances or lotions on a tiny, non-sensitive region before using them. To see if the cream creates extreme redness, pain, or any other bad reaction, apply it to your arm or thigh. If this happens, don’t apply it to your vaginal hair!
    After the test, wait 24 hours before administering the cream to your private area.
  • Apply the cream gently to sensitive areas. If you didn’t have a bad reaction to the lotion, it’s generally okay to use on your vaginal hair. Take caution though, to avoid getting the cream into your vaginal area. Keep the cream away from your labia and use it to remove hairs from the outside of your vagina.
  • Wait for the appropriate period. Depending on the hair removal cream you used, there are varied waiting times. Set an alarm to remind you to remove the hair removal cream when the allotted time has gone. After 3-10 minutes, remove the cream gently.
  • Turn on the shower and rinse the hair removal cream out carefully. To remove the cream, use a towel or a wash cloth. With the cream, your hair should fall out. If they don’t, give it another 24 hours and try again.

Applying Cold Wax

  • Purchase a waxing kit for use at home. It can be found online or in your local drugstore supermarket. It’s important to remember that different waxing kits are designed for different parts of the body, so make sure you get the waxing kit for vaginal hair.
  • Make sure your hairs are well-trimmed. It measures 25 inches (0.64 cm) in length. You may find it difficult to pull your hair off if it is very long, or you may experience pain from tugging hairs in different directions. Your waxing strips won’t have much to grab onto if your hair is too short, and you may not be able to wax successfully.
  • Exfoliate before waxing to avoid ingrown hairs and lessen pain. Before waxing, use a body scrub or an exfoliating glove to remove the top layer of dead skin cells.
  • Before applying the cold wax strips, warm them between your hands. Rub your hands gently over the cold wax strips to warm them up with your body heat. This will aid in their adhesion to your hair. They don’t need to be heated in the microwave or hot water; your body heat will be sufficient.
  • Press down on the waxing strip in the direction of hair growth. Ensure that the waxing strip securely adheres to your skin. To ensure that all corners are secure, lightly rub it in.
  • Don’t be afraid of pain and tighten you skin; waxing is painful, but peeling the strip off slowly without tighten your skin will result in an ineffective waxing experience, forcing you to try again.
  • Baby oil or aloevera can be used to smoothen the skin. It can be quite comforting after a cold wax session if you have sensitive skin. Apply a small layer of the product and reapply as necessary. Never apply after wax on your skin because it might be exceedingly uncomfortable and dry.

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