14 Car Sex Techniques To Make Your Sex More Enjoyable

car sex techniques

Whether you like it or not, your car is a terrific location to experiment. It’s unlike your bedroom, couch, kitchen, or anywhere else. You’re having sex and the nostalgic “omg-I’m-having-car-sex-as-an-adult” vibe just adds to the appeal. We have 14 car sex techniques that make your mood go crazy.

Unlike when you were a horny adolescent doing 69 in your Camry because it was the only place you could get away with it, you now have complete control over your sex life. This means you won’t have to rush to make it to your curfew, and you’ll be able to enjoy automobile sex for what it is.

There are a few safety measures you should be aware of before get into car sex techniques:

Park in a Private Area

Sure, getting caught is part of the fun of vehicle sex, but you don’t want to get caught in the first place because having public sex is generally considered a misdemeanor. Wait till it’s dark outside and park somewhere private (like, umm, your garage if you’re a parent) to be safe. But first, double-check that the kids are sound sleeping and that the garage door is shut. You may still enjoy the thrills of vehicle sex without the risk of being arrested. It’s a win-win situation.

Keep it parked

While getting or giving your head while driving may appear to be a fun notion, it may also be quite distracting for the driver (for obvious reasons). Above all, you want to stay secure and find a place to call home. As a result, save all cunnilingus and sexual activity for when the engine is turned off.

Get Crafty

If you decide you enjoy automobile sex and want to do more of it, you should consider making a few minor changes to your vehicle in preparation. Is there a thought? Curtains for privacy. You’ll only need a few strips of velcro from the local craft store (ideally in the same color as your car’s interior to blend in) and some cloth that can be quickly stowed in the trunk or behind the seat of your vehicle. When things start to heat up while you’re parked, slap the cloth up so you can get down.

Seatbelts Must Be Worn

Are you interested in bondage? Seatbelts are utilized for a variety of reasons in addition to safety. During this sex-extracurricular activity, remember to keep aware of your spouse’s boundaries and restrictions, but utilize those certified straps to bind your hand to the car seat or simply restrict your movement while your lover takes over. Because of the confined space and limited mobility, penetration can be somewhat difficult.

Keep the following car sex techniques in mind once you’ve secured your area and ensured no one else is nearby

1. Take a comfortable position

The most common criticism about vehicle sex is the lack of space. Even if you and your spouse are in a tight spot, you do have some options. You may take the back seat, which will likely provide more space and also assist obscure you from passers-by. According to relationship coach Carmel Jones, you can also recline your seats as far as they go to make your room more comfortable or bed-like.

Learning how sex positions work and what sex positions don’t in a car is an important part of putting yourself in a comfortable posture. Simply lean forward onto your partner’s lap if you’re starting with oral sex (which, by the way, is arguably the easiest thing to perform in a car).

2. Experiment with car-friendly sexual positions

Knowing what sex positions work and what sex positions don’t in a car is an important part of putting yourself in a comfortable posture. Simply lean forward onto your partner’s lap if you’re starting with oral sex (which, by the way, is arguably the easiest thing to perform in a car).
If your spouse has a penis, this is the most effective position, but if your partner has a vulva, you can get into the rear seat in a 69 position. If there is enough space, you might alternatively arrange the seats so that the receiver lies down while the person providing the oral presentation kneels in the foot space.

Girl-on-top should definitely be your go-to when you’re ready for penetrating sex. Move the passenger seat all the way back and recline the seat with your lover in the passenger seat. Take a seat in their lap and start acting like a cowgirl. Then, for further leverage, grip the headrest.

Reverse cowgirl is simple and best from all car sex techniques: when in the front, recline the seat as far as it will go and sit face-forward on your partner’s lap, both looking out the front windshield. Take hold of the steering wheel and rock your body back and forth with it.

Depending on your heights, you might be able to both fit in the back seat if you wish to try a doggy-style sex position. If not, you could recline the front seatback, lie your stomach on it while facing the back of your car, and allow your partner to kneel on top of you as they enter from behind.

3. Look for a parking spot where you can view the stars

This is your greatest legal option for obvious reasons: if the stars are out, it’s dark outside, and you’re less likely to be caught. However, the stars can also be used to set the mood.

4. Cover yourself with a blanket

As per the experts, “most sexual acts may be easily covered with a blanket on top of you.” If you’re worried about being caught, touch each other all over while “appearing” to be cuddling in the back seat.

Regardless of whether you have a cover or not, you don’t want to appear to be doing anything sexual. If you’re going down on your partner, try to avoid bobbing your head too much since, well, you’re not bobbing for apples in your car.

“it’s going to appear very innocent if you’re careful about your motions and use a blanket.”

5. Masturbation

Not all automobile sex necessitates the presence of a partner. “Take your favorite sex toy, put on your favorite music and pornography and relax” Especially if you just need to get away from your parents or roommates for a while.

6. Have enough of lubrication on hand

Make sure you have enough lubrication on hand because you’re likely to try some unusual positions here. Get a bottle with a pump top to avoid spilling it all over the place, and consider spreading a blanket on the seat to minimize unsightly stains.

7. Dress up in a skirt or a dress

Yes, being naked is appealing, but so is avoiding arrest. If you’re concerned about privacy when parked, a flowy skirt or dress can serve as a makeshift tent to keep nosy bystanders at bay. According to experts, having easy access is crucial.

8. Experiment with the temperature

Make a game out of it with your lover by blasting the air conditioning for a few minutes and then switching to heat. While the air conditioner is operating, you might also turn on the seat warmer. Temperature play not only adds to the surprise aspect because they have no idea what’s coming next but transitioning from hot to cold is also incredibly sexy.

9. Get the most bang for your buck with the sunroof

Allow your lover to sit in the passenger seat while you open the sunroof. Climb to the top and stand with your feet on either side of their hips, facing them. (Your upper body will be outside thanks to the sunroof.) Allow them to give you a mouthful and if you’re wearing a skirt or dress, simply remove your underwear and let the fabric cascade over their heads.

10. Put on a fantastic sex playlist

Any type of sex, but especially vehicle sex, is amplified by music. Because you’re in such a tight environment, turning up the music loud enough will cause the entire automobile to thump and vibrate, amplifying sensations. It also muffles background sounds, allowing you to be as loud as you like. Listen to music with beats that correspond to the sex pace you desire. Any alternative rock should suffice if you want it hard and quick. Put on anything by The Weeknd if you want something mellow and romantic.

11. Make use of the sex toys in your vehicle

Seat belts are standard equipment in all cars, making them the ideal bonding accessory. Place your lover in the passenger seat and secure the seatbelt with a click. Order them to elevate their hands above their heads and bind themselves to the headrest with whatever they can find (a scarf, your bikini top, a dog leash, etc.). Finally, cover their eyes with sunglasses to limit their view.

The owner’s manual in your glove compartment can also be used as a helpful spanker, and you’ll want to use those rearview mirrors to their best potential. Strategically arrange them so that they face the action.

12. Bring forth your inner show-off

If you’re feeling particularly bold, lie down on the hood of the car, cover your bodies with a large blanket or towel, and assume scissor sex. Though someone happens to go by, it’ll appear as if you’re just making out. But, once again, please be aware of your surroundings and refer to the safety tips listed in the introduction.

13. Now it’s time to get a little more showy

If you’re confident you won’t be discovered, try doggy-style sex on the hood. To allow your spouse to enter you from behind, stand on the ground facing the automobile, bend over at the waist, and place your hands on the hood. Alternatively, get down on your hands and knees on the hood. but first, lay down a towel or blanket to protect yourself from the metal.
Worst-case scenario, Expert recommends doing it in your garage (or a very, really, really good friend’s!). “It’s equally as sultry and seductive while lowering the risk of being discovered.”

14. Don’t be scared to get a little twisted

Go sex-toy shopping for a super-sexy afternoon. Before you even go home, try out your new sex toys on each other once you’ve chosen out some treats and checked out. As recommend parking somewhere secluded sitting in your respective front seats and then leaning over to offer each other a helping hand.

Slide into the back seat while your spouse is in the front seat if you want to become extra kinky. After this, proposes that you start stroking yourself. So that they can hear your moans and watch you in the rearview mirror.

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