An Exciting Guide on How To Have Sex In An Elevator

sex in an elevator

Having sex in an elevator might not be the most difficult challenge. Elevators are sought after, awaited, and eventually used to move foot traffic in your direction. Attempting to perform the deed in an elevator, on the other hand, will almost certainly become a memorable memory. Whether it’s good or awful. Keep on for insider insights, whether you’re eager for an adventure or not.

Here’s 4 best techniques to have sex in an elevator

1. Rush Hour

Make certain you choose a time when the elevators are unlikely to be used.
I’d think late at night until fairly early the next morning is a good bet. Just keep an eye out for workaholics and cleaning teams; you don’t want to hear about the newest office rumors.

2. Location

Elevators aren’t all made equal. Avoid using the office elevator because there’s a good possibility you’ll be detected. Try out your wild trip in your private apartment elevator, or if you don’t have access to one, pay a late-night visit to a buddy and go crazy on the way home.
Also, keep an eye out for the cameras. Otherwise, your late-night elevator shenanigans could become viral in more ways than one.

3. Dress for the job

Batman dons his cape for more than just the sake of being stylish.
Men: Dress in a way that makes it easy to get the work done. Sweatpants with a loose fit. A simple T-shirt would suffice.

Women: For easier access, I’d wear a skirt. For the time being, you’re on your own.

I’d suggest having sex while standing in an elevator. The floor will not be clean, and if you happen to hear the door open, you can pull out and appear to be debating which button to hit.

4. Going down is right!

Start on a higher floor to reduce the chances of being caught off guard. Because the majority of people are entering from the lobby, the elevator will begin to move and you will be able to relax.

Just in case someone on the 12th floor decides to go for a late-night stroll, I’d propose situating yourself behind the buttons for some shelter.

Having sex in an elevator is an experience you’ll remember for a long time. Elevator music will never be the same again!

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