How To Focus On Your Anger Management in 5 Easy Steps

anger management

A person’s ability to deal with anger and stress towards their loved ones can make or break a relationship. Anger is a normal, even healthy, feeling. However, it is important to tackle it effectively. An extreme amount of rage and fury can harm and impact an individual’s health and relationships. Anger management can be an unchallenging task for some, but for others, it can also be an Achilles Heel. 

In our previous post about saving relationships and overcoming the rough patches in a relationship, we talked about how an already damaged relationship can be improved and won over through trust, honesty, and respect. 

In this article, we discuss 5 simple ways to reduce stress and deal with your anger and rebuild your relationship with your loved ones! 

1. Consider your options before speaking

Before speaking while in an argument, it is important for you to first think, and then speak. When we’re angry or full of rage and emotions, we often speak of unnecessary things or remarks that we would not have said under normal circumstances. In that case, anger management is a necessary skill. Ask yourself- what are the consequences of saying this? How will it affect my relationship with my wife if I make these remarks? In that case, if something makes you really mad, gulping down all your anger or counting to 10, or doing anything that calms you down is recommended. 

2. Identify your triggers 

To deal with anger and rage, it is first important to identify your triggers. Focus on what causes your anger and what it is that specifically enrages you. Is it something that your partner or your child says frequently? Is it something that you don’t like about your partner, and that bothers you? 

In that case, it is advised to first calm yourself down and then communicate your worries to your partner. Assertively express your concerns with your partner. It might be your child’s consistently low marks in mathematics that angered you or your partner’s habit of keeping the room unclean. Ask yourself- Why am I so angry? Do not consider your concerns to be small or petty. Communicating these concerns with your loved ones can certainly improve the relationship.       

3. Take a pause

Just as taking a day off from work can enhance and lighten up your mood, pausing relationships can also make you feel relieved and pacified. Go out on a walk every time you find it difficult to deal with your anger. Avoid slamming doors and talking back during an argument. Communicating your need to have a time out from the relationship with your partner can certainly help in more understanding and need for space between both parties.

4. Sweat it Out! 

Every time you have a trigger, go out for a run or a quick bike ride. Hit the gym if you feel stressed and tensed about the fight you had earlier in the day. If you feel your anger rising, get out from the four walls of your home and inhale some fresh air because- nature heals it all. This step will definitely help you to control your anger. 

5. Meditate! 

No matter how much stress we put on the benefits of meditating, it will never be enough. To manage your anger issues and to avoid taking out your angry frustrations on the people you love, it is recommended to first calm yourself down. Your anger management is entirely dependent on yourself. Calming yourself down will ensure that you have the right peace of mind- that will keep you away from indulging in frequent arguments and fights. It will make you more focused on yourself and your relationship with your partner. The key to good relationships and habits is certainly your peace of mind!


To sum up all the above points, we have been able to pinpoint the most important thing that keeps a relationship going- and that is your ability to manage your anger. Anger can most certainly break a relationship, so it is important to have the right control over your anger and manage it efficiently!

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