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Hinge has swiftly made a name for itself as the dating app that should be deleted. While I know plenty of individuals who have deleted Hinge just to return a few months later, there’s a reason why more and more people seem to be picking Hinge as their go-to dating app when they’re looking for something a little more serious, or at the very least more engaging.

The format of Hinge is the reason for its popularity. Hinge’s profile shows your best Hinge responses to prompted questions in between photographs of you with a Tiger or on vacation in Thailand, rather than just your best photos for possible matches.

You want to be yourself, but what if that cute girl 10 miles down the street doesn’t get your sense of humor? Or thinks your Star Wars enthusiasm is weird?

5 Ways to Write the Best Hinge Responses

Of course, if someone doesn’t support your passions or appreciate your personality, they’re definitely not the perfect person for you, but the fear of not having all the answers is still genuine. So, here are some expert advice on how to get the greatest Hinge replies.

1. Choose responses that will lead to a more in-depth discussion, or at the very least, a date

To be honest, I don’t believe some of Hinge’s sample replies are really impressive.

  • “Together, we could…,” for example.
  • My air conditioner’s filter needs to be replaced. It’s not glamorous, but it has to be done.”
  • Sure, it’s amusing, but it’s not exactly conducive to excellent conversation (unless you enjoy getting deep about AC units).

Choose questions that allow you to write answers that not only tell others something about you, but also allow them to comment on you. Consider your annual trip to Alaska or your membership in the reading club in your neighbourhood.

While food themes can be simple, responding to a query with one can lead to a possible date saying things like, “Oh, you enjoy Italian cuisine?

2. Stay away from pessimism

When I look at several of the questions, my initial instinct is to provide a negative response.

“You should leave a comment if….you’re truly down to hangout eye roll emoji,” a guy’s profile said.

However, this seemed to me to be counterproductive. Yes, I can play the whole win me over game as a girl, but it’s never worked out for me in the long term, and it doesn’t really develop a genuine relationship.

If you’re a man, responding badly can raise red flags and even make you appear misogynistic. Sure, dating apps might be difficult, but maintaining a positive attitude will help you succeed.

3. Take chances; they will pay off

My guy buddy told me that every girl in LA’s profile speaks about yoga, puppies, and The Office when I asked him about Hinge. On the one hand, these are all simply well-liked items. These are, on the other hand, all safe themes. With these types of responses, you don’t risk alienating anyone, but you also don’t make your profile stand out.

Sure, there are millions of people who enjoy The Office, but wouldn’t it be even better if you could discover just one person who enjoys 90s anime as much as you do? Show off your true self and interests, even if they’re a little strange. The right person, and even the wrong person, will adore you for it.

4. But, unless you’re looking for sex, don’t make sexual innuendos

I thought it would be humorous to respond to “The method to win me over is…” with “if your boobs are nicer than mine” when I originally created my Hinge profile.

While this is clearly me being myself and open about my preference for guys with well-defined chest muscles, it also exposed me to responses like, “well, how do we judge this?” “It’s impossible, yours are too nice,” or “It’s impossible, yours are too nice.”

Making a sexual innuendo as a guy is much worse because they will assume you’re just thinking about one thing, and it will make you look sleazy!

5. Spend time on it, and if you’re not sure, get a second opinion

While you may always revise your answers later if you come up with anything better, I don’t recommend responding them as quickly as possible.

You can ask your buddy to suggest better for you dating profile. Taking the time to write your best Hinge answers is well worth the effort and will pay off.

Instead of overthinking your responses and fretting that you’ll frighten off potential dates, think of them as an opportunity to show off a little more about your personality and hobbies that you can’t always convey through images.

It’s an opportunity to meet someone with whom you truly connect, so have fun with it and see where Hinge can take you.

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