He Only Wants to Have Sex with You?

he only wants to have sex with you

If you frequently tell a friend, “He appeared so attractive and interested in a connection but turned out to be only interested in one thing,” you’re misreading the warning signs: you’re nothing more than a booty call and he only wants to have sex with you.

It’s wonderful to meet someone with whom you have chemistry. You may sense the thrill of a “love connection.”

After a few dates, it’s evident that this charming gentleman is uninterested in developing an intimate and genuine connection with you. His true motivation is, he only wants to have sex with you.

When they first meet you, most charming and sophisticated men (i.e. players) who are simply interested in sexual connections are savvy enough to avoid sexual talk.

Their purpose is to make you feel protected and seductive by giving you the idea that they are different from “the others.”

Signs he only wants to have sex with you

1. He’s solely interested in how you appear

Men that are genuinely interested in being in a relationship with you will congratulate you on your brilliance, sense of humor, and morals.

And those who are only interested in having sex with you will compliment you on your hair.

What to do: Ask him to tell you what inner traits about you he admires the next time he remarks on your appearance (e.g intelligence, creativity, sense of humor).

2. Conversations often devolve into sexual encounters

When he calls to chat with you, he always finds a way to inject sex into the conversation, no matter what the subject is.

And when you tell him about your excellent sales presentation, he says something to the effect that the client couldn’t take his gaze away from you since you’re so attractive and look so good in your business suit.

When you tell him you can’t wait to go home and soak in a hot bath, he quickly responds by saying he hopes he could wash your back.

What to do: Tell him that it’s his comments that drive you on, not the fact that he doesn’t bring sex into the chat.

3. Flirty and sexual texts and emails are common

The substance of a man’s message might reveal a lot about his interest in you.

Players that are simply interested in you sexually utilize SMS and emails to turn the conversation into a sexual conversation.

“What are you currently wearing now?” he texts, having just arrived home and unwinding. “Wouldn’t it be hot to feel connected right there amid the strawberries?” he texts as you’re browsing for veggies at the grocery store.

Men that are genuinely interested in you, on the other hand, will inquire about your feelings.

What’s the status of your job project? They’ll inquire about the large account you’re attempting to close or your annual performance review with your boss.

What to do: Ignore the quality of his text. Instead, tell him about the aspects of your life about which you want him to be fascinated (see the previous paragraph).

4. At your house, dates are pizza

Men who are solely interested in sex will not devote time or resources to developing a connection with you. They’re looking for the quickest and most convenient approach to meet their needs.

Men who say things like, “I’ll just grab up a pizza…or how about Chinese food tonight?” should be avoided.

They’re looking for a booty call. If that’s what you want, that’s OK. A booty call, on the other hand, is not the same as a date.

Men who would like to be your boyfriend will take you out on dates, but men who merely want you there a f*ck buddy would invite you to their apartment (or meet you at yours).

What to do: Do not accept a party invitation where he will provide the food. Instead, tell him you want to have a casual meal with him.

5. Watching a film or listening to music is their idea of fun

Men who want to build a relationship with you want to engage in events and cultural activities with you.

When you’re together, this gives the impression that you’re doing anything more than just trying to have sex. But his main objective is to have sex when the film is completed.

What to do: Refuse to allow a video to be watched at your home. Instead, propose an activity that will get you out of your comfort zone.

6. If you refuse to have sex, he becomes enraged

When a man appreciates your company and wants to be near you, he just wants to be near you.

You can ask him over to see a movie or play a board game. When you’re finished, you’ll be able to say, “Hey, there… I’m exhausted, and I have an early start at work tomorrow.”

He’s pleased that you spent time together and is content simply to be in your presence. Even if you usually have sex, he accepts that you don’t and is content to enjoy a passionate kiss and a hug.

What to do: Don’t fight with him if he becomes enraged by your refusal of sex. Just say your goodbyes.

7. Hugs kisses, and then it’s off to your room

There are so many topics to discuss in a relationship where one is interested in learning more about you and what you think.

A man who is using you for sex isn’t interested in conversing with you about your day or what you think about current events.

What to do: If you get the feeling you’re being dragged into a bedroom situation where you’ll be used for sex, pause and explain to him you’re not in the mood and would rather just visit.

8. The foreplay is over in a flash

When a man sincerely cares about you, respects you, and recognizes you as a long-term partner, he develops deep feelings for you.

From engaging in sexual activity with you to needing to make love to you, he changes his mind. Because it’s so much fun to hug, kiss, and touch everyone, foreplay can linger a long time.

The fun is in the voyage, not in the orgasm’s final destination.

A guy who wants to utilize you sexually does not require much kissing or caressing.

He’s genuinely concerned about his own pleasure. To him, you are a sexual object.

What to do: Stop and softly encourage him to slow down so you can catch up if you believe foreplay is being rushed.

9. He despises spending the night

Understandably, it’s not always practical for new lovers to stay overnight after having sex.

The man who wants to have a genuine and intimate relationship with you, on the other hand, wants to know what it’s like to lie in bed after sex and just speak.

That is why he does not have to have an intimate connection with you. He only wants to have sex with you, and now that he’s doing it, he doesn’t see the point in staying (or, he wants you to leave).

What to do: If you want to spend the night with him, ask him to come before you have sex.

Accept that he isn’t serious in an intimate relationship with you – and let him know you’re searching for a more intimate connection with something when you have sex with if he consistently creates reasons for not staying the night.

10. You feel like a booty call when you get a call from him

A man who is exploiting you for sex, on the other hand, will contact you at 1:00 a.m. or text you to come over.

While there have been no scientific studies to back it up, there is enough sociological data to imply that anybody who is out on the streets after 12 a.m. is on his way to a booty call. Is that gentleman on his way to your residence?

What to do: Dump him unless you’re using him for sex. He only wants to have sex with you.

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