6 Tips To Handle Marriage Pressure

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After you propose and get engaged, something interesting happens: everyone is waiting for your marriage announcement. It’s almost as if you’ve just thrown your relationship into an irreversible state of vulnerability, requiring all of your friends and family to stick with you until the end.

My fiancé and I were thrilled to be freshly engaged and looking forward to spending the next year, if not longer, together. But for many around us, that wasn’t good enough. From my mother saying, “I hope you won’t wait too long,” to my grandfather practically walking up to us with his smartphone in hand and shouting, “Pick a date,” we saw the complete gamut of pressure.

Friends and family will use a variety of devious strategies to persuade you to rush your engagement, but I found that making these six remarks was the most courteous approach to relieve the marriage pressure and get people off our backs.

6 Ways to handle peer pressure for getting married

1. “We want to have a good time during the engagement.”

For around half of the people who inquire about the wedding date, this will enough. It appears innocent and sincere, yet it isn’t as successful as you might believe. This is how we gauge how enthusiastic people are about participating in this process. Don’t be surprised if a lot of people roll their eyes at you…

2. “We’re prioritizing our professional security.”

This one expresses some subtle intricacies that most people may relate to. Money is obviously a crucial part of a great, long-lasting relationship, but it is also necessary for wedding funding. By bringing up the fact that we were working together on something as lofty as our careers, we were able to shift the conversation away from our engagement, which was really no one’s business.

3. “We may be relocating shortly, so…”

This method has worked well with friends and immediate relatives, but not so well with grandparents or extended family members who are unfamiliar with your living circumstances. Grandparents come from a generation where picking a wedding date should be a breeze. The only thing the extended family needs to know is when the party will be held so that they can plan ahead.

We put this one to the test because we were seriously considering moving across the nation, rather than simply making it up. We figured we’d earn some compassion points because moving is one of the most stressful things a person can do.

4. “We’re putting together the perfect party.”

This one worked great for us because my fiancé and I split the planning of our wedding 50/50. Both of us have planned large-scale events that were well-attended or well-publicized, so the phrase “perfect celebration” carries a lot of weight in our circles. Because we were the ones putting everything together, it meant that the proper party would take time.

This put more pressure on us, but it was one we could take. We now had to plan a spectacular marriage.

5. ” there’s so much burden, so we might just elope “

This is the one most powerful thing you can say to elicit the greatest favourable response. People halt dead in their tracks when they assume you’re going to sprint off to Vegas or some courtroom to make it official. People that attempt to rush your engagement are blatantly selfish, so if they think they won’t be included because they’re rushing you too hard… voilà! The stress dissipates.

6. “We’re committed… so relax.”

When folks come around four or five times to inquire about a marriage date, it’s difficult not to become irritated. We did tell a few folks to cease asking us questions. The basic lesson is that no one should ever cause tension during your engagement, thus it’s critical to establish clear boundaries with others.

One thing that made me extremely pleased was not allowing anyone to influence our wedding timeline. If you let it happen, you’ll come to regret it for years.

Your engagement is a time when you and your significant other can properly figure out your values. It’s a chance for both of you to experience what married life is actually like. It’s never necessary to hasten it. This is a critical and precious time. Preserve it at all costs and you’ll get the benefits without a doubt.

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