Flirting Tips to Make You a Flirting Master On How To Flirt

Flirting Tips

It’s helpful to look at the history of where our body language comes from to comprehend modern-day nonverbal indications of attraction and the science of flirting. Our prehistoric forefathers communicated with the same body language and used the same flirting tips as we do now.

Here are the messages we’re trying to express to potential partners through our body language, as well as what’s considered attractive:

I’m available.

I’m not dangerous, I’m curious, I’m approachable, and I’m fruitful.

How does attraction happen, you might wonder?

Initial Thoughts

Helen Fisher, an anthropologist at Rutgers University, claims that the human body can tell whether or not someone is physically appealing in less than a second. The following are the most appealing body language clues to humans:

Males and females both perceive people with available body language to be the most attractive. Smiling, uncrossed arms, uncrossed legs, and upward gaze are examples of available body language (not looking down at shoes or phones).

Humans are tuned onto signs that signify fertility and youth from an evolutionary standpoint. Fortunately, body language may be used to highlight these points. Standing up straight, squaring shoulders, planting feet somewhat more than shoulder-width apart, and exhibiting hands are all fertility indicators for guys. Keeping your hair down, bending your head to expose pheromones, and keeping your hands and wrists visible to show off the delicate skin of your wrists are all incredibly enticing indications for a woman.

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What Is The Most Effective Approach To Flirting With Someone?

When our mind determines we like someone as a possible partner, our bodies begin to adapt physically in order to attract them. Our cheeks flush to make us appear excited, our lips enlarge to make us appear more fertile, and our pheromones even pump to attract the other person. Here are some pointers to help you get the most out of your flirting:

Here are some flirting tips to make you a flirting master on how to flirt.

Flirting Tip 1: Lean In

Leaning in close to someone is a nonverbal technique of expressing interest. This is especially effective if you are in a group of people and are just interested in one of them. Leaning toward them is a good method to express your interest. This will nudge them in your direction and signal to them that you desire them more.

Flirting Tips 2: Head Tilting

Tilting your head demonstrates that you’re interested in what you’re saying. If you’re talking to someone, tilt your head and look them in the eyes to show you’re paying attention. Make sure you’re not staring over their shoulder or looking around the room; this demonstrates a lack of interest and empathy.

Flirting Tip 3: The Pygmalion Effect

Don’t be stingy with compliments if you want to attract people. Professor Norihiro Sadato and his colleagues discovered that receiving praise was the most effective approach to inspire participants… even better than receiving money!

Isn’t this the polar opposite of what you’d expect? On a date, you might discuss receiving a raise or finding the next great thing, but maybe all we want is a compliment.

When forty-eight participants were asked to complete a finger-tapping activity, the groups who received praise for their achievement improved at a much faster rate than the other groups.


Praise and other social rewards light up the same portion of the brain that lights up when the person is given money.

Second, when you give someone a favorable title like “very clever” or “nice person,” you’re actually encouraging them to live up to it. This is known as the Pygmalion Effect in a nutshell.

Flirting Tips 4: Mirroring

When we nonverbally “copy” someone’s body language, we are said to be mirroring. We have the ability to mimic someone’s posture, hand motions, leg position, and voice.

It’s not simply about straight-up imitating someone’s body language. Mirroring can be subtle, and it SHOULD be!

Researchers employed slo-mo film to study participants1. They discovered that we exhibit “microsynchrony” of little movements, which are so subtle that they are difficult to detect with the naked eye. Tiny head dips and nods, taut fingers, stretched lips, and jerks of the body—all of these actions are flawlessly matched when two pals are in good rapport.

Mirroring is invisible to the naked eye, but it is detected by the brain.

Try to mirror subtly if you want to mirror with attraction. Visit our mirroring article to learn more about the technique.

Flirting Tip 5: The Art of Subtle Touch

Did you realize that humans have the ability to decode touch? Anger, fear, contempt, love, gratitude, and sympathy are all expressed through different sorts of touch. We are 48–83 percent accurate in decoding touch, according to one study:

Sympathy was linked to stroking and patting, while anger was linked to hitting and squeezing, and disdain was linked to pushing.

Fear was linked to trembling.

Use the 5-in-15 rule of flirting2 when it comes to a flirty touch. In a nutshell, you should strive to touch the other person five times in the space of 15 minutes. You can naturally touch someone when joking about (more on that later! ), meeting someone, or even making eye contact for more flirting power.

Try getting closer to the 3 Hs for more intimate touches:

Hands \sHips \sHead

Flirting Tips 6: The Rule of Three

Listen, I was on Google last night. I was looking through a list of ten puns to see if there was one that made me chuckle…

None of the ten puns worked.

Is that clear? Is it not amusing? I’ll let myself out now…

In all seriousness, flirting entails increasing the energy level of a conversation, and there’s no better method to flirt than with good ol’ humor. Don’t worry if you’re not naturally funny—humor is simple to learn. Make use of the Rule of Three. The Rule of Three, at its most basic level, develops a pattern and then concludes with something unexpected. You can even apply the rule of four. Consider the following scenario: you’re reading a list of the four Fs that humans have a natural desire for. This is the list:

fighting \sfleeing \sfeeding \smating

This is amusing because we all know what the final F stands for. The Rule of 3 builds anticipation and then deflates it by delivering something entirely unexpected, which usually results in laughter. Consider the following: 1 is normal, 2 is normal, and 3 is funny/odd/different.

When you’re flirting, attempt to follow the Rule of Three throughout the conversation:

If I acquire a dog, I’m thinking about calling him Lucky, Spot, or Dumbledore.

I’m a sucker for hot dogs, hamburgers, and dashing males.

Red, white, and the color of your eyes are my favorite colors.

Here are a few instances from the world of TED:

Flirting Tip 7: Strong Eye Contact

You’ve surely heard the saying, “The windows are the soul’s eyes.” You’d be correct! Pairs who gazed into one other’s eyes reported considerably higher sentiments of affection in a study of 48 singles.

So, what is the source of this enticing glint in the eye? We convey nonverbally, “I am paying attention to you,” when we look into another person’s eyes. It satisfies our want for attention. When we gaze, it brings us comfort because it reminds us of when we were born and gazed at our mothers.

Plus, it gives you a rush of dopamine right away! Boo-yah!

To develop good attraction, a mutual eye look should be roughly 60–80 percent of the time.

Check to see whether the person you’re trying to eyeball from across the room stares back at you. Not once, twice, three times, or even four times. Rep by exchanging friendly smiles and eye contact. Without having to say hello, a lengthy look is the finest way to introduce yourself.

Pro tip: If your eye contact is too intense, give a wink to break it up. A wink is an endearing split-second break from eye contact that keeps it from becoming creepy.

Women’s Tip: If you’re making seductive eye contact with someone, don’t give up. Monika Moore conducted research on eye gaze and discovered that most males require three consecutive gaze signals to “understand” that they are being flirted with. For truly sluggish men, it can go up to five. If you’re hitting on a woman, she may not even notice. So keep your eyes peeled!

Flirting Tips 8: Eyebrow Flash

Have you ever caught a glimpse of someone and realized they’ve flashed you?

The eyebrow flashes, when combined with a smile and a fast up-and-down of the brows, can be an attractiveness cue we utilize when we’re attracted to someone. When you first encounter someone you’re interested in, flashing is a terrific technique to flirt. When we flinch our brows, it’s because:

We are astonished or taken aback by someone when we meet a buddy we like as a way of signaling “Friend!”

The brow flash is now a well-known greeting gesture around the world. Make strong eye contact and flash your brows to greet someone or spice up a conversation.

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