Why Dating Sites for People Over 50 Are Better?

sites for people over 50

While most popular dating sites allow you to choose any age range, Meanwhile SilverSingles, OurTime, and SeniorMatch are particularly the sites for people over 50. Each of these websites has a simple design, comprehensive search options, and convenience of use, in addition to providing a secure and convenient way to connect. However, depending on what you’re looking for, the best site for you may vary.

Those looking for a relationship or marriage should consider a service that caters to people their age. Most people use the formula “half your age plus seven” to get a minimum dating age and “your age minus seven times two” to determine a maximum dating age. So, if you’re 50, your “best” age range to date is 32-86, which is a large range.

Why dating sites for people over 50 are better?

The advantage of using dating sites that are open to people of all ages is that you have a bigger dating pool and can connect with anyone in your age range, which is especially useful if you aren’t seeking for a long-term relationship.

However, studies show that if you’re searching for a serious relationship or marriage, you’ll have the best long-term success if you match with someone your own age. Couples with a one-year age difference had a three percent likelihood of getting divorced, according to a 2014 Emory University study. When the age gap is increased to five years, the likelihood of divorce increases to 18%. A 10-year age gap has a 39% risk of ending in divorce, while a 20-year age gap has a staggering 95% chance of terminating in divorce. For the study, researchers looked at nearly 3,000 couples and discovered that the wider the age gap between them, the more likely they are to divorce.

Can we trust people while dating people over 50?

Relationship success or failure is not always determined by age. It can be a big factor if the couples have comparable values, views, and ambitions, if they can support one other, and if they can actively seek to create trust and closeness through constructive dispute resolution.

However, you can presume that folks who utilize dating sites for people their age share some common values and goals. You can also suppose that they’ve shared some similar life experiences that will help them in their future relationships. Furthermore, you may not want to connect with someone who is unsure of what they want and, as a result, is open to all possibilities. Do you want the individual with whom you’ve made contact to be looking at folks between the ages of 32 and 86? Do you want to be the 52-year-old they’ve matched with when they’ve already set up dates with someone as young as 32? It’s something to think about. What you have to offer your next spouse will be radically different from what that 32-year-old has to offer, and you may want to rule it out totally.


Dating in your fifties is nothing like dating in your twenties. You’ve had more experience. You’ve experienced more of life and have a firm idea of what you don’t want, even if you don’t know what you do want yet. If you’re seeking for a serious relationship or marriage, though, dating services oriented for seniors can help you find someone special who is looking for someone exactly like you. You best bet would be finding someone of your age who shares your values. At the end, you want your next relationship to be a success.

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