Dating advice for people in their fifties and sixties

Dating advice for people in their fifties and sixties

Do you want to meet someone but aren’t sure where to begin? We’ve collated the finest ideas from Dating Hunger on how to date successfully and safely if you’re ready to go back out there and date in your fifties and sixties (even if only virtually for now).

11 dating suggestions for over fifties people

1. Know exactly what you want and keep your expectations in check

It’s a good idea to think about what kind of relationship you want before you start dating. Are you looking for something more laid-back? What about a longer-term strategy? Rather than a romantic interest, a companion? It’s also crucial to remember that dating and meeting someone in your fifties and sixties with whom you share a connection takes time; don’t anticipate instant results or be disappointed if that initial online discussion doesn’t happen right away. It may take some time, but it’s preferable to wait and find the perfect match than to hurry into something that isn’t good for you.

2. Decide on the best website for you

With so many dating services to choose from, selecting the right one for you might feel like a minefield. At the end of the day, it’s all about trial and error, so there’s no harm in taking the jump and joining up even if you’re not sure. Many websites allow you to register for free at first, but you will almost always need to upgrade in order to access any premium features. Are you unsure where to begin? Our guide to the best dating sites for over 50s details what each service has to offer.

3. Create a strong web presence

It may sound self-evident, but with the rise in popularity of dating sites, it’s important to stand out. Not only should you write about your interests and what you’re looking for on your preferred dating site, including your age range, but you should also strive to come up with a unique description of yourself, possibly with a catchy headline that draws the reader in. However, it is critical that you be truthful; don’t pretend to be interested in something you aren’t if you want to appear more remarkable. You’re set to go if you finish your web profile with a nice, recent photo that makes you feel secure.

“Make sure you’re clear about what you want. I was upfront about my family structure and stated that I wasn’t going to be messed with!”

4. Look for common interests, but don’t let differences deter you

One of the advantages of internet dating is that you can find out a lot about someone just by looking at their profile. Examine their hobbies and interests, as well as how they represent themselves. When starting a virtual chat, finding a common ground is a terrific place to start, but don’t dismiss someone right away if your interests don’t match. As the saying goes, opposites attract.

5. Do they appear to be who they claim to be?

While there are numerous advantages to online dating, there are a few drawbacks to be aware of, one of which is catfishing. While the name may appear harmless (it isn’t literally fishing for catfish, after all! ), it refers to someone who creates a false identity on a social networking site for the purpose of deception. It may take some time to figure out that someone isn’t who they say they are, but trusting your gut hunch and doing some Google detective work usually works.

6. Don’t make hasty decisions

It’s crucial that you don’t feel rushed or compelled to do anything, especially if you’re worried that the person you’ve been conversing with isn’t real or merely interested in sex. Make it clear what you want, and if you start to feel anxious, pressed, or ill at ease, step away from the conversation. This is extremely crucial when it comes to developing virtual relationships, especially if you’re considering giving out your phone number or going on a first date.

7. Always be cautious

What else should you keep an eye on? Approach internet dating with prudence, as with anything else, to ensure that you are always safe online. Online safety is important at any age, but older people are especially vulnerable to online frauds, which are frequently carried out on dating sites.

Only share as much information as you’re comfortable with when utilizing a dating service. Don’t give out personal information like your address or bank account number. Take things at your own pace, only disclose your phone number if you feel comfortable doing so, and choose your meeting sites carefully when going on a first date – we recommend meeting in a public place during the day in a familiar neighborhood.

Just be cautious and let someone know when and where you’ll meet any potential ‘date,’ and don’t divulge too much confidential info during the first few meetings.

“All you have to do is be cautious. The benefit is that you can ‘block‘ people who make you feel uneasy. When or if you decide to meet someone, keep in mind that even though you’ve known them for a long time, they’re still a stranger.”

I would never reveal my financial position to anyone. Not to be cynical, but I’m dubious about the statement “This is a big mansion, do you own it?” I’ve previously told ‘boyfriends’ that I rent my house or that it once belonged to my ex-husband. I’d also go with my gut feelings.

8. If you’re not interested dating in fifties and sixties, be honest about it

If someone asks you out again after you’ve met them and you don’t want to meet them again, it’s crucial to be honest and transparent. It’s tempting to make excuses for not meeting and hope they’ll eventually get the message, but being direct while remaining polite and compassionate is the best approach to let someone know where they stand and avoid giving them false hope.

9. If something doesn’t seem right, it probably isn’t

In the dating world,’ red flags,’ or warnings of danger, are widespread. Pay attention to the following warnings from us:

If you learn something you don’t like, you won’t be able to ‘change him.’ What you see is precisely what you get. Leopards and spots. You are the only one who can determine what attributes a spouse should possess.

Don’t fall into the trap of believing that every man you meet is ‘the one.’ As soon as you start to see someone as a potential life mate, you begin to perceive them selectively. Things that could be warning signs go overlooked or unconsidered, and your imagination exaggerates the connection’s positive elements.

When you are dating in your fifties and sixties, take things slowly and listen to your gut instincts.

I’d try to eat supper with them and keep an eye on how they treat the wait staff. If they’re rude to them, that’s a red flag. In addition, how does he handle people or animals who aren’t ‘useful’ to him?

If they’re worried about you meeting their family and friends, they might be married. If they refuse to give you their address or employment information, only want to come to your place, avoid personal questions in general, and only grill you for details, they may be married.

One thing I would recommend is that you trust your instincts if they warn you that something is wrong. My instincts told me there were a number of things wrong with my first ex, but I chose to ignore them, which was a tremendous mistake.

“Just wait and see what happens. Don’t try to predict the future. Continue to see your other friends and keep up with your hobbies.”

10. Pay attention to how they speak about previous relationships while dating in fifties and sixties

This one is problematic because if a possible partner talks about their prior relationships a lot, it could indicate that they are still in love with them. However, if no previous connections are disclosed, this may raise red flags for some. It’s all a matter of personal preference. We have some wise comments to share:

“Please take your time. See him a couple of times a week and observe his connections with his family and friends, for example. I’m always curious about a person’s relationship history because I believe it’s quite telling. When it came to ex-girlfriends, I once dated someone who constantly put the ‘blame’ on them!”

Wait for him to question about YOU rather than him talking about himself. Pay close attention to whether he refers to his ex-partners with respect rather than contempt. (Unless there was a compelling reason for vengeance, of course!) Take your time, but don’t dismiss the prospect of happiness.

11. Have a good time in your fifties and above

While dating may appear frightening at first, with so many things to consider and avoid, it can be a wonderful experience. Many of our we have not only found love and companionship online but have even married or remarried as a result of their experiences. Along the road, you might make a few lifelong pals.

Trust your intuition and common sense if you think they’re a good man. Accept that not everyone is a monster; there are some great individuals out there. Have a wonderful time with your new partnership!

“Dating online is a lot of fun. You meet a lot of different people, and not only did I meet my spouse, but I also met some great friends.”

Is online dating right for me in fifties and sixties?

My spouse, like me, was widowed after a long and loving marriage. We consider ourselves blessed to have found happiness again.

Granted, online dating is not the same as ‘organic dating,’ i.e. meeting someone in person, and it may seem like an unusual way to meet someone, especially if your prior relationships flourished before the internet. So, why is internet dating so popular, particularly among people over 50?

It has the potential to be relaxing

Many people have found consolation in attempting to find love or companionship online in there fifties and sixties, which may be especially helpful after a divorce or the death of a spouse. You may want to meet someone new if you’ve been married or cohabiting for a long time and suddenly find yourself without a spouse. This can be daunting at first, which is why many people take refuge behind the smokescreen of a laptop, tablet, or smartphone.

After her husband died, one of my coworkers used online dating sites to meet a number of older men. With a handful of them, she formed platonic friendships, and they ultimately became cruise companions! I thought it was brave of her, and she seemed to enjoy herself.

It is appropriate for people from many walks of life

Online dating is also a good option for those who are lonely and unable to get out and about due to health concerns, disabilities, or even geographic limitations.

“I had realized that I didn’t have many possibilities to meet people due to circumstances, therefore this was an excellent choice for me.”

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