Dating with Kids

Dating with kids isn’t that like dating as an individual. You go on (most) dates by yourself with the person you’re dating. You get to know each other over time. You must choose whether to date solely or to end your relationship. You go to the movies, eat dinner, and socialize with your friends.

However, now that you have children, you keep your cell phone in your pocket to see if the babysitter has called. Due to a sitter cancellation or a sick child, you may need to cancel a date now and then. You may leave a few minutes earlier or consume less alcohol.

However, there is one significant distinction. The key change is that you no longer judge a potential spouse entirely on your feelings for them. You think about your children and how they are feeling. While this may not appear to be a significant difference at first, after you begin actively dating, you will realize how significant it is.

You’ve always had a list of deal-breakers in your mind. No smokers, addicts, or convicted felons… whatever your deal breakers were before having children still apply. However, it is now time to add a few more.

When dating with kids, there are additional considerations to make when considering a second — or even third — date.