Best Things To Text Your Crush

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You got that hottie’s number, congrats! Are you prepared with string of over-thought, embarrassing, and unpleasant thing to text your crush?

Welcome to the digital age of courtship. It’s full of miscommunications, social faux pas, and emoji pairings that try to predict your future chances.

Know about how to flirt over text by following these flirty texts and flirty sentences. these are the perfect things to send to your crush to make them like you. You can do it all right when you get to know how to text and about the best things to text your crush.

However, if you do it right, texting with your crush can be enjoyable (or at the very least bearable). Simply follow these tried and tested do’s and don’ts to reintroduce the flirtatious.

Things to send to your crush and the best things to text your crush:

Include amusing images in your messages, they are great things to text your crush

A thousand words are worth a thousand pictures. So, instead of a thousand words, send a picture, you weirdo.

The photographs are excellent. The quality of genitalia photos is poor.

Make jokes that are funnier than that one.

These best things to text your crush should be the last words in every text: “Hahaha,” “Hehe,” or “Lol”. This is not a sexy situation.

Are you indeed giggling uncontrollably? Would you chuckle at the end of every phrase if you were with your crush in person? No. You wouldn’t do it.

Discard gender stereotypes

When it comes to sending the first text message, a woman’s fingers are just as adept as a man’s. Let’s get rid of this gender-based bullshit. It’s the year 2014.

follow the “Three-Day Rule” or anything similar.

We will erase you from our phones if you use the “3-Day Rule” on us. We’ll track you down and throw our phones at you if you wait precisely twice as long to respond as we did.

Emojis are a lot of fun and best things to text your crush

Emojis are cute when used in moderation. Change it up!

You’re having WAY TOO MUCH FUN with emojis.

Wait, you’re starting to resemble a youngster.

Break the quiet on the radio

It’s fine to reach out even if you haven’t spoken in a while. Start a conversation.

Before getting a response, send a lot of texts.

Kiddo, take a deep breath and relax.

Be straightforward

We appreciate the urge to feel things out, but spelling out what you want saves everyone time and frustration.

Enter the realm of serious discussion

The German word “Fremdscham” has no English translation, however, it roughly translates to “embarrassment on behalf of someone else.” Consider that for a moment.

Elucidate the human situation in a compelling way


Pretend to be who you aren’t

Both SMS and IRL, this is sound advice. It will eventually be shown that you cannot distinguish between a touchdown and a field goal.

Over indulge! Best things to text your crush

Are you genuinely ecstatic? Is what you’re saying truly deserving of exclamation? Please consider the following questions.

Be a regular person

Your life isn’t without flaws. Your crush isn’t either. It’s quite acceptable to have a bad day.

Discuss your workout incessantly

Unless your admirer is your personal trainer, there’s no need to give a detailed account of your workout. It’s great to be fit, but let your fitness speak for itself.

To keep the conversation moving, ask questions

Using a single statement and a period to respond to each question does not express “I am cool and remote.” “I’m uninterested and preoccupied with myself.”

Instead of sending it, type something

Especially if you know your crush’s phone will display ellipsis. This is an excellent technique to drive someone insane.

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