8 Balcony Sex Tips to Try for Wonderful Experience

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Though every environment may be used to create a mood, there’s something irresistibly enticing about being up high and outside. Doing it on a balcony, whether you have a lovely terrace or a spacious porch, can bring on some significant big deck excitement. These balcony sex tips to attempt on your balcony will leave you feeling high and elated when the weather is nice and the view is lovely.

While putting it on in public might be exciting, it can also be dangerous. As a result, conducting your homework and being aware of your surroundings are essential. Having intercourse in public can result in a Class A or Class B misdemeanor, which can result in jail time, fines, or even a criminal record. As a result, if you’re planning on having sex on a balcony, make sure you’re alone. Additionally, if your balcony is extremely high up or the railing isn’t safe, you’ll want to proceed with caution. Though sex can be an excellent opportunity to learn new stuff about your health, your safety and wellbeing should always come first.

Here are eight balcony sex tips to try as soon as possible if you’re ready to become bold:

1. Sunny And Chair

Though it may be tempting to lean on or bend over the railing, you don’t want anyone to fall or the railing to break. A simple solution: Bring out a chair and sit in it in a secure and comfortable position, or use it to balance over.

When one person is seated, the other can straddle him or her for vaginal penetration or seated stimulation. Think about having the ability to receive a partner bend over the chair’s back and the penetrating mate enter from behind with a penis, sex toy, or fingers.

2. Leg Up

Lie on the balcony floor with your arms on the floor and your torso raised. Have your partner kneel and straddle your other leg (which is spread out on the floor) as you raise one leg into the air. Your spouse can deeply penetrate or pleasure you using their fingers or toys while resting your elevated leg on their shoulder.

3. Sliding Door

Standing up and balancing yourself on the balcony door might be a sensual way to get it on. Stand approximately a foot back, facing the door, and raise your hands above your head onto the wall or door, pushing down for balance. Enter from behind using your partner’s fingers, a penis, or sex toys. Even though neither of you will be able to see out the balcony, your boo will have a fantastic view.

4. Outdoor Doggie

Of course, if the view from the balcony is too tempting to pass up, the doggy on the balcony floor will offer you and your partner an opportunity to gaze out over the horizon. Whether you get down on all fours and have your lover enter from behind or you bend your torso down while reaching your arms out (it seems strange, but it’s a sexy child’s stance), your partner will have full access to your pelvis as you both take in the view.

5. Flirty Flotation

A floaty can be used in the bedroom (or on the balcony) to offer some additional sensual height. Place the receiving partner on a pool floaty and have them adjust their hips in a new way. Because of the increased height, the penetrating partner can enter or stimulate from various angles, resulting in a variety of novel sensations.

6. Lean Back

Have the penetrating mate enter from behind and then a penis or strap-on, resting their hands and leaning on their partner’s hips, with the receiving partner bending over and holding their toes or balancing on the ground or a prop. For balance, the penetrating partner can rest against a wall or a door. This maneuver allows for deep penetration while yet allowing everyone to take in the scenery.

7. Sightseeing

Allow the penetrating partner to lie on the floor, legs bent and feet flat on the ground. As the receiving partner straddles over, facing their partner’s feet and the view, ask them to straddle over as well. The penetrating partner can enter or excite the receiving partner, resulting in a seated reverse cowgirl, while the receiving mate can gaze out over the balcony and feel incredible.

8. Up And Oral

One partner should remain upright while the other bends down and performs orally. You can either turn out the light or relax into a 69 position if you’re feeling adventurous. To cushion your knees if the balcony surface is rocky or rough, lay a towel or cushion down.

If you and your significant other have access to the private balcony, going a bit naughty on it could be a blast. Of course, if you’re having sex where others may be able to see you, you should think about your circumstances. Having sex someplace high up or with faulty railings can also necessitate extra attention. Doing the nasty on a balcony might have you yearning for the stars if you’ve done your homework and are feeling frisky.

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