Best Variations of 69 Sex Position

69 Sex Position

Best tips on 69 Sex Position

The 69 sex position is a mutual oral sex position named after the fact that each partner is curved against each other. They resemble the digits 6 and 9 If numbers were interested in such things.

As a result, it’s the number that causes everyone to snicker and remark “lovely” whenever it appears.

To a specific type of person, the number 69 is renowned as the funniest number ever, and it is a love-it-or-hate-it kind of position.

And, to be honest, 69 sex position is a position that would look better on a sexual bucket list than in your own bed. It takes a special attitude and coordination to give what you hope is fantastic oral sex while also trying to notice your partner doing the same to you. It can also be embarrassing.

But it’s also very intimate, and if you get it right, even if it’s just for a second or two, the sense of giving and receiving at the same time may mix into an exquisite experience in which you and your partner feel next-level linked.

“69 sex position is about sharing joy. Make sure to take your time and keep an open mind.”

Different Variations of 69 Sex Position

The Sluggish 69

If 69 sex position isn’t enough to make you climax, just think of it as a fun. Goal-free way to spend time with your partner.
69 feels less theatrical and much easier to relax into when thought of as a warm-up activity before more focused stimulation with toys and hands. Try lying down on your sides with your backs to each other. “It’s more comfortable and it aids in the reduction of height disparities.”

The 68

By Lying face up on top of your partner with knees bent, legs spread and your butt on their chest, you can avoid multi-tasking and give yourself your complete attention.

What makes this position so great is that it draws attention to the perineum, a super-sensitive area of skin between the genitals and the anus that is sometimes overlooked, as well as the fact that is a reader favorite. We’ve heard from a lot of people who have gone nuts after being touched here.

The Teasing 69

By trading off, you may avoid the strange 69 zone, when you’re simultaneously providing and receiving but not really doing either effectively. Torment your spouse by bringing them to the verge of climax, then switching. Continue to turn off the lights adding hands or toys as needed or desired.

The Power 69

Play with power dynamics by allowing the spouse on top to control the situation. By forcing their groin into the bottom partner’s lips. the designated dominator straddles their partner, controlling what they get. If you want to make your BDSM play more comfortable. the bottom person can use a neck pillow or a sex wedge to raise their butt for easier access.

The Supercharged 69

Increase the stimulation with toys, and 69 becomes a lot more fascinating. Place a favorite vibrator against you and have your spouse press it against you.
If you have a penis in your face, use a vibrating cock ring or a masturbation sleeve with your mouth. If you’re dealing with a V. Return the favor with their favorite toy. Allow the toys to do their job and marvel at the glory of machine-powered orgasms.

Some Basic Tips:

To be honest, this is one of those sex acts that looks better than it feels. Mainly because it requires coordination and the ability to focus on making your partner feel good. While also focusing on how good they make you feel while also possibly focusing on how randomly long their second toe is.

That’s not to suggest that simultaneous pleasure isn’t possible or enjoyable. but it’s a significant struggle to make each other orgasm at the same time when so much is going on.

When people are of comparable heights, it is easier to communicate. It will be difficult to coordinate logistics if one partner is 6’2″ and the other is 5’2″.

If you’re in a male-female relationship and height inequality is a concern, it’s best if the guy is on top. However, you must be willing to provide a fairly deep, harsh blow job, which is what normally occurs when the guy is on top.

If you want to be in charge, have your spouse lie down on their back while you climb on top of them and face their feet. Then do a full vertical blow job, also known as cunnilingus.

Which will most likely feel strange. Your partner’s mouth should be able to reach your genitals. If you get fatigued, swap it around and allow your partner take the lead, but keep in mind that you’ll lose some control.


For a different 69 sex position,  “What my partner and I do is bend over me and I hang my head off the bed a little bit so he can go in my mouth.” Each party can also lie on their sides which may make blow job movement a little more difficult but gives each partner equal power and reduces the risk of someone slamming their knee into their nose.

Toys can be added to the mix as well, such as a butt plug, vibrator, masturbation sleeve. Whatever else you like! It’s a terrific way to mix things up.

Give your jaws a breather, and yet be able to talk nasty with each other.

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