6 Tips On How to Maintain a Conversation

how to maintain a conversation

There are numerous advantages of using dating apps. To meet a cutie, you don’t have to go to a bar or stay out late. Coworkers, friends of friends, and gym members aren’t the only people you can date. You can also flirt with a hot stranger in the privacy of your own home. The only drawback? It’s difficult to know how to maintain a conversation or keep in-person discussion going.

Nothing is more annoying than conversing with a cute person only to discover that they answered to your text with an emoji, thereby ending the conversation. Actually, there’s a worst case scenario: they don’t answer at all.

It’s not just difficult to keep a conversation going via text; it may also be challenging to have decent banter in person if you’re apprehensive or haven’t worked out your date’s mood yet. Good talks, on the other hand, lead to second dates and possibly even love. So, here’s how to keep a genuine dialogue continuing.

How to Maintain a Conversation: 6 Tips for Keeping It Going

1. Be inquisitive and don’t be scared­ to ask unconventional questions

Here’s a fact: almost everyone enjoys discussing themselves. It’s because they’re trying to be polite if they act like they don’t. As a result, asking a lot of questions is a proven strategy to keep a conversation continuing.

While any question is preferable than no inquiry, some inquiries generate more conversation than others. If you’ve been single and dating for a while, you’ve probably heard most of the standard small-talk questions a million times, so try something different.

While you don’t want to insult the other person, make sure you ask the questions you want to hear the answers to! This will not only appear more natural, but it will also demonstrate to the other person that you are genuinely interested in their responses.

If you’re not sure what you want to know about this person just yet, consider upping the ante on the standard questions to make them more open-ended and distinctive.

Instead of asking, “What do you do?” say, “What do you do?” “What was the nicest part of your workday today?” you could inquire. Ask which family member they are closest to and why, rather than how many siblings they have.

2. Discuss issues that are common to both of you and steer clear of anything that could lead to a squabble

Of course, it’s difficult to know what you have in common with someone you don’t know. But that’s why we have conversations! You might be able to learn about some of their interests through their profile or social media pages if they’ve linked them if you’re meeting someone through a dating app. Before your date night, read over their profiles to make sure you’re prepared with some conversation starters.

While it may be tempting to bring up current events or politics, you should refrain from doing so unless you are certain of the other person’s point of view. You don’t want to get into a text-message discussion on a first date – or for a text-message debate to prevent a first date from happening!

Politics aren’t sexy, even if you share the same political ideas. And, unless your date is involved in politics or is an activist, it won’t tell you much about who they are as a person.

3. Concentrate on listening rather than thinking about what you want to say next

Questioning can only keep a conversation going so far if the person you’re speaking with believes you’re interested in their responses. Being a good listener as well as a conversationalist is an important component of how to keep a conversation going.
Instead of focusing on what you’re going to say next, try to concentrate on what the person you’re speaking with is saying. If you’re having difficulties with this, try nodding or making short comments like “wow,” “how cool,” “Interesting,” and so on in response to what they say.

This will not only keep you in the moment, but it will also demonstrate to your discussion partner that you are listening and interested in what they have to say.

4. Naturally include praises

People enjoy being praised just as much as they enjoy bragging about themselves. Of course, if you begin a conversation with a string of compliments, it may come out as overbearing or insincere.

Instead, naturally work in compliments based on what they’re saying or what you’d like to learn about them. Consider the following scenario:

“I can tell you care a lot about what you do; how did you get started in this field?”

“I admire how informed you are about wine!

5. Don’t forget to pay attention to your body language

While body language may not be important for keeping a conversation going via text, it is extremely important in in-person talks! Good eye contact, positioning your body to face theirs, and uncrossing your arms are three methods to signal your date that you’re interested in the talk.
Of course, if the person you’re chatting to at the bar isn’t displaying these three body language characteristics, it’s probably time to say “good to meet you” and move on.

6. It is said that practice makes perfect

If you’re concerned about engaging in conversations with strangers, set aside more time to practise! And not simply on the folks you’d like to date. Make small talk with the grocery store cashier, the elderly gentleman down the hall, or the dog park mother. You’ll improve your ability to keep a conversation going with someone who makes you anxious if you have regular talks with strangers

Approaching interactions as an opportunity to meet new people and simply enjoying the experience will go a long way toward helping you maintain a fluid conversation flow.

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