50+ Ingenious And Adorable Questions To Ask A New Girl

Questions to ask a new girl

It can be difficult to come up with questions to ask a new girl you’ve just met. Especially if it’s your first time meeting someone. Particularly if that individual has the potential to become your future mate.

One of the (many) reasons for the difficulty in starting those conversations, according to Psychology Today, is general anxiety, social anxiety, or approach anxiety. If you’re concerned, apprehensive, or simply afraid of rejection, keeping a list of questions to ask a new girl you just met in the back of your mind is a good idea. We advocate having a few go-to questions memorized rather than bringing out a printed list.

Keep in mind that some of these will only work if you’re in person, while others will only work if you’re using a dating app or website. Uplifting, intelligent, inventive, and slightly customized openings, it turns out, are the most successful. As a result, make sure to tailor the questions that are relevant to you.

Questions to ask a new girl you’ve just met in person that are both clever and cute.

1. Have you ever visited this location before?

This is the relative of “do you come here often,” and it’s a simple but effective ice breaker.

2. What is the color of your gown? I notice.

It’s both an ice-breaker and a throwback to an earlier era of the internet.

3. Have you and your pal been friends for a long time?

Of course, if she’s with a friend, this question works best!

4. Are you here because you’ve had a long day?

Again, feel free to use this, but it implies that you’re curious about what she does for a living.

5. Could you suggest something from the menu for me?

6. What do you think of this song?

It only works if there is music playing!

7. Is that vodka or gin?

If you’re in a pub and have the green light to talk to her, a simple question like “what are you drinking?” phrased smartly can be all you need to attract her.

8. Do you have any impressions to offer?

9. Can you recall the first joke you ever heard?

10. Have you ever had your hair cut that short?

Alternatively, if her hair is short, inquire as to whether it has ever been long. If she’s interested in the topic, she might show you some old photos from her Facebook page.

11. What kind of martini do you prefer?

You can replace the word “martini” with whatever she’s drinking.

12. What kind of coffee do you prefer?

If you’re talking to her outside of a bar, coffee is a better option.

13. Do you have a signature move when it comes to dancing? Will you teach me if that’s the case?

Questions to ask a new girl you met on an app that is both clever and cute

14. What aspect of your employment gives you the most satisfaction?

15. What is your preferred method of unwinding?

16. What would you do if you had an entire day to yourself?

17. What would you be an expert in if you could only be an expert in one thing?

18. How would you like to spend your golden years?

19. What would you eat if you could only consume one type of food for the rest of your life?

20. What is the most humiliating incident you’ve ever witnessed?

21. When was the last time you flew for an extended period of time?

22. Have you ever returned a glass of wine to someone?

23. What is the most delicious meal you’ve ever eaten?

24. Do you have any superstitions about walking beneath ladders?

25. What’s the worst kitchen failure you’ve ever had?

26. If you could be resurrected into anything, what would it be?

27. Have you ever mistakenly believed a fictitious creature to be real?

28. What is the most recent great book you have read?

Quick, witty, and endearing questions to ask a new girl you’ve just met anyplace

29. Do you prefer coffee or tea?

30. Breakfast or brunch?

31. Are you a morning, night, or day person?

32. Do you like cats, dogs, or fish?

33. Is it snowing, raining, or shining?

34. Do you like Star Wars or Star Trek?

35. Thanksgiving or Christmas?

36. Which is better: Lord of the Rings or Harry Potter?

37. Do you like a hamburger or a hot dog?

38. Are you a vegan, vegetarian, or carnivore?

39. Do you prefer a bath or a shower?

40. Wheat Thins or Triscuits?

41. Do you like chocolate or caramel?

42. Do you prefer going to the movies or watching them at home?

43. Do you prefer Netflix or Hulu?

44. Do you prefer books or movies?

45. Should I make a phone call, a video call, or send a text message?

46. Do you like to sleep late or get up early?

47. Is it better to use Twitter or Instagram?

48. Do you prefer a hot or cool vacation?

49. Is it better to dress up or down for a date night?

50. Will you join me on a date?

Okay, so the last one isn’t particularly creative or adorable, but you’ve got to get there eventually! It can be intimidating to talk to a female you’ve just met, but don’t let that stop you. If she wants to talk to you, choose one or two of these questions and start a conversation!

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