5 Luscious Ways To Orgasm In The Kitchen

orgasm in the kitchen

What is a kitchen if not an extra space for having sex? Orgasm in the kitchen can be a memorable experience for you and your lover. You can always recall your recollection of the kitchen counter when your relationship isn’t going well, because it keeps it lively and fresh.

You must prepare before you turn on your gas burner and start hammering, and after you have done so in the kitchen, you will never look at your utensils the same way again. Here are some suggestions and ideas to help you get creative in the kitchen.

Here’s 5 exciting ways to orgasm in the kitchen:

1. The Deep Freeze

Your kitchen is essentially a beginning S&M dungeon on the verge of exploding. Wrap plastic wrap around your partner’s wrists and secure them to the fridge handles. Use a spatula to give them a smart smack on the buttocks, then slide an ice cube up the inner thigh or down the back. Chip clips can be used as nipple clamps if you’re courageous enough. Make a deal with yourself not to bring it up again the next time you open a bag of Doritos.

2. The Banana Split

Place his ass on a bar stool in the center of the kitchen with his back to the counter so he doesn’t see all of his future garnishes, or whatever culinary material you’d want to dribble, drizzle, or lick off his penis. It’ll become a little messy, but it’ll be better in the kitchen than on your bedding, right? If the mess isn’t worth the prize, lay down an old towel first. He should definitely return the favor with the topping of your choice — but stay away from the sugary things.

3. The Special Order

Try a seated reverse cowgirl with him pushed up against the counter in a chair. This allows for super-deep penetration while also allowing you to utilize the counter to position your hips exactly where you want them. And a reach-around from him would be a delightful way to the tip.

4. Counting on You

Kitchens have the most practical sex furnishings of any space. Try putting in a corner where two cabinets meet (if your kitchen doesn’t have this, sorry.) to solve the problem with most standing postures (nothing to hold on to, difficult access). Perhaps you should relocate.) Place your butt in the corner and open a lower cupboard for a place to rest your foot. You’ll have plenty of counter space to hold on to, which is a good thing because you’ll need it.

5. Dine and Dash

What is it about cooking that compels the other person to approach the chef and nuzzle his neck? Try wearing nothing but an apron if you want to get into this fantasy. Even if you don’t “cook” per se, mixing drinks, unpacking take-out containers, and other tasks count. Bend over the counter and they’ll figure it out in about two seconds if they don’t get it. Rear-entry positions are excellent for you because they provide you with easy access to both your clit and your clit.

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