5 Easy Steps To Learn How to Text Your Crush

how to text your crush

Texting is a very simple thing, but when it comes to sending a text to your crush it is a whole new world for you. Your mind is full of thoughts, but you are unable text anything to your crush. Don’t worry everyone face these things. In this blog we will help you knowing how to text your love and how to start a conversation with your crush. You can also find your crush on Tinder. It is an amazing dating app, do check it out.

5 Steps to learn: how to text your crush

Step 1: Make a strategy: Before sending a text to your love. It is important for you to decide what you are going to say to them. Stop sticking to typical cheesy lines.

Step 2: Asking question: For continuous flow of conversation. It is important to ask questions related to the old conversation. This will make your crush think about you more.

Step 3: Say something pleasant: This attitude of yours towards your crush make them feel special. Dedicate a sweet text to them and wait for their reaction.

Step 4: Share your breathtaking and relatable experiences: Sharing relatable experiences through text will help you in knowing more about your crush. They will get more indulge into you.

Step 5: Act curious: Acting curious about your crush will help them in knowing that how much invested you are in them.

Final words

These are some of the steps for learning how to text your love. There are also good conversation starters for texting. Which will make your conversation more intense and interesting. Don’t forget to treat them with all respect and care they deserve. Respecting your crush is very important before learning how to text your crush.

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