4 Manipulation Techniques You Should Be Aware Of

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Manipulation frequently seems like being pressed or forced into a certain behaviour. However, determining whether or not someone is attempting to manipulate you might be difficult at times. Do you feel like your partner has you under his or her control? Maybe they make you nervous or make you second-guess your choices?

These could be signs that you’re in a manipulative relationship. Being in a relationship like this is risky and destructive. Look for the following behaviours to see whether you’re in a relationship with a manipulator…

Our Checklist of Manipulation Techniques to Avoid

They are always the victim.

Despite originating the problem, a manipulator frequently creates a situation in which they are the victim. They take advantage of your care for their well-being to make you feel guilty or act in ways you don’t want to.

Have you ever noticed how they make you feel bad about desiring some time alone? Maybe they always explain their unjust behaviour by blaming it on insecurities or a previous relationship?

If your partner is making everything about them out of your reality, it’s an indication they’re gaslighting you. The truth is that they want you and your undivided attention. It’s critical to keep an eye out for this type of behaviour so you don’t end up feeling alone or insecure.

They are always picking on you.

Bullying is one of the easiest manipulation techniques to identify. Bullies manipulate others through fear or aggression to get them to act or feel a specific way. It doesn’t necessarily have to be confrontational; often the most damaging form of harassment is quiet harassment. Is it possible that your partner is critical of your work or decisions? Do they make fun of you in front of your friends, or do they make fun of you behind your back?

Bullying should never be tolerated. It’s even more terrible when it comes from someone you care about. You should be accepted for who you are by your relationship.

If you observe that they’re constantly trying to make you feel inferior rather than valued, this relationship is probably poisonous. What is our recommendation? Remove yourself from this situation and surround yourself with people that value you for who you are.

They profit from your insecurities.

Manipulators frequently discover your insecurities and use them to their advantage. This might be especially painful if you have a history of feeling vulnerable. They might act in a way that they know irritates or triggers you. Alternatively, they can persuade you that you can’t live without them by appearing as though you require their protection.

Life is full of highs and lows, and getting through them should be something to be proud of rather than something to be ashamed of. Your partner isn’t caring for you if they make you feel differently or take advantage of you when you’re at your most vulnerable.

They utilize deception to put you under strain.

Manipulators frequently put people under a lot of stress in order to gain control of a situation. Guilt, anxiety, and even embarrassment are all used to keep you under their control. You may feel helpless as a result of this.

This is not a good indicator if you feel obligated by your mate to do things you don’t want to do or are afraid of how they’ll react in certain scenarios. Compromise and understanding are essential in relationships. Under no circumstances can your partner make you feel anything other than in charge of your own life.

Manipulators have a high level of expertise in their field. Recognizing when you’re being controlled or coerced by another person might be difficult, but it’s the first step toward recovery.

It is not your fault if you are a victim of manipulation. However, by making the decision to distance yourself from negative individuals and their manipulative tactics, you can begin to build a new life with healthier interactions. Starting on this path can be scary, but every brave step toward a happy life is well worth it.

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