20+ Laugh-Out-Loud Funny Questions To Ask A Girl

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You know what they say, “when you can make a girl laugh, you can end up making her do anything.” So here are some hilarious questions to ask a girl.

Okay, I’m just joking, I don’t think if anyone genuinely says it and it’s definitely not true. But there’s no doubting that when asked what attributes they want in a mate, many women say “funny.”

Perfect abs or a sculpted jawline may fade over time, but a strong sense of humor will stay and can make the sometimes routine activities of coupledom interesting and delightful in the long run.

The same old small-talk inquiries might get boring when getting to know someone on a dating app. However, you should make a point of asking inquiries, as many guys neglect to do so, which can lead to a terrible date situation.

Here are 50+ funny questions to ask a girl to make her laugh if you’re having trouble keeping a conversation going or just want to bring some comic relief to the flirtation.

20+ hilarious questions to ask a girl to make her laugh

What would you do if you awoke tomorrow as an invisible person?

“Go through your phone,” I’m hoping she doesn’t say.

What’s the strangest deal breaker you’ve ever encountered?

Make a mental note of everything.

What was your very first celebrity crush?

Cartoon characters do, in fact, count.

What is your astrological sign, and do you believe it is accurate?

This is a great way to learn more about your date, even if neither of you believes in horoscopes.

Which fictitious location would you like to visit the most?

Consider Whoville, Narnia, Hogwarts, and Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory.

What’s a humorous nickname you’ve had in the past?

Prepare to answer these questions for yourself, as you will with the majority of them.

Which would you prefer: more money or more time?

This isn’t necessarily funny, but it’s intriguing and might spark a lively discussion.

What is your favourite karaoke tune?

This information should be saved for later use.

Which previous fashion trend did you reject to partake in?

Ponchos? Jeans with a low rise? Do you have frosted tips?

What fashion trend from the past do you wish you hadn’t followed?

It had to be documented or it wouldn’t have happened.

What music has recently become your guilty pleasure?

We’ve all got one (or many).

How badly would you be if your inner monologue suddenly became audible?

Investigate your date’s thoughts.

Would you be more likely to talk to me if I grew my hair out and wore it in a man bun?

This is a fun approach to learn more about your date’s preferences in males.

If I wore a gold chain, would you be more or less likely to talk to me?

The same as before.

What is a common misconception about you that many people hold?

This allows your date to clear up any misunderstandings and put her best foot forward.

What invention do you believe they should have invented by now?

Flying automobiles, time machines, and Spy Kids’ microwaveable dinners are all possibilities. The options are limitless.

What would you cook if you had your own culinary show?

Take her response, put on your best announcer voice, and pretend to be narrating her cooking show for her.

What would you do first if you were a male for a day?

It’s possible that this will elicit some fascinating answers…

When did you realize Santa Claus was a hoax?

To avoid appearing too random, ask this question around the Christmas season.

Would you eat worms for a thousand dollars?

If you’re on a date, feel free to substitute worms with whatever somewhat-gross item nearby.

Which category would you thrive in if you were on Jeopardy?

Here’s how to get your date to show off her knowledge of random information.

Which reality show or game show do you think you’d have the highest chance of winning if you could go on any?

If she claims it’s too hot to handle, be sure to take it easy on her.

Which animal would you be if you could be any animal, and why?

Alternatively, inquire as to what animal you resemble.

Keep in mind that if you’re going to ask a female these humorous questions to make her laugh, you should strive to incorporate them into a conversation. It may appear odd and insincere if you text her with a question out of the blue. Instead, ask her a question about animals while she’s talking about her dog.

I guarantee your chats will be better than the ones she has with most of the men she matches with on dating apps, no matter which amusing questions you use.

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